The ever-evolving corporate world continues to place a great emphasis on upskilling and development for professionals. Especially in today’s competitive job market, upskilling and taking on new challenges could be the difference between career stagnation and success. Vaibhav Garge, a 15-year corporate veteran, was no stranger to the need for upskilling and decided to enrol in a Global MBA program powered by upGrad in partnership with the Liverpool Business School from the UK.

Vaibhav initially pursued Engineering and then specialised in corporate finance to build a strong career trajectory. “However, as I progressed, I knew I needed some learning elevation, probably an MBA – that comes with both leadership and technical skills to further accelerate my growth,” added Vaibhav. WES Recognized & AACSB member, the online program with upGrad offered him the benefits of a full-time course like quality and outcome-focused content, practical industry experience, flexible learning hours, and pocket-friendliness. “It brought me a mix of recorded lectures which was accessible to me at my convenience, and live lectures over the weekends with academicians strengthened my domain understanding”, he added.

Vaibhav started his career as a Software Engineer with a leading multinational IT company and moved up the ranks to lead Product configurations while also building innovative/customised solution designs for smooth delivery. He spent nearly 15 years within the IT ecosystem and decided to take a leap of faith with an online MBA, which in fact, brought him the desired career results.

He’s now working with one of the Big Four firms as a Principal Consultant with a greater operational and strategic focus to meet client-specific deliverables and drive high-scale business results.

Times have evolved, and online MBA programs are no longer limited to the content repositories but offer a host of career development services for empowering professionals with tangible value adds. “upGrad’s 360-degree career support was something unique and unheard of. Throughout my curriculum, I had a dedicated mentor who guided me through my projects/assignments/doubts resolutions while also honing my industry-ready skills, which are making the cut. Even helped me with non-academic assistance to align my schedule and work-life balance,” added Vaibhav.

Vaibhav continued and maintained a disciplined work timeline to spend an hour or two every day with his curriculum. Post his program completion, Vaibhav took mock interviews and coaching sessions to enhance his interview-ready skills. He was able to put his newly acquired knowledge to use and crack multiple interviews and transitioned into a Principal Consultant with about a 100% CTC hike. Highlighting one critical takeaway from the program, he said, “You can never go a long way with just theories; hands-on training and industry exposure is a must for Management professionals. 360° Career Support through online MBA is no longer a challenge, and we need the courage to take that learning leap.” The suite also includes services like personalised mentorship to help working professionals determine their career path, access to its in-house career portal with job listings from top companies, and frequent communication workshops to further hone their communication skills for management roles.

Additionally, upGrad has been leading the segment with its breakthrough innovations that have made online MBA programs even more immersive and campus-like. Most recently, it has introduced monthly offline job fairs & networking basecamps across NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore. This is set to empower upGrad learners with a minimum of 8 such offline events throughout a year to further help them cross-network with their peers, alums, and top recruiting partners for stronger industry connections.

Vaibhav’s success story demonstrates the power of Lifelong learning and the importance of soft skills and training that completes any curriculum. Born with a strong DNA of driving career outcomes, upGrad has now taken over the Indian and Asian markets as the higher-ed leader and is now set to cement its global footprints. Just in one calendar year, the brand facilitated placements for over 1200 learners into the MBA domain, dispelling stereotypes associated with online higher education.

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