An Extra Class and ‘HER’ Grace

It was a lazy Sunday morning in January. Just as the shy rays of sunlight tried to peek through a dense sheet of fog, my eyes found it difficult to raise a heavy pair of eyelids. I somehow managed to get out of the bed and headed for the classroom. Yes, it was an extra class scheduled on a Sunday Morning in winters. God has his own ways of teaching us a lesson, quite literally, for our lesser known sins perhaps.

Anyway, reaching the classroom was only the battle half-conquered. Staying up in that hour long lecture was the final contest. Even more so, when I had managed to go to bed only in the later part of last night. Nevertheless, professor entered the class and roll calls started. My name echoed inside the room and the moment I responded to it in affirmation, it was all curtains, then and there to my part and purpose of attending that class. Post that, if I paid even a minuscule attention to whatever knowledge would be imparted in that lecture, it was going to be a princely generous favor to the Professor. At least, I believed so. And given the state of mind and body out of which I had come to attend the class, pretty sure, I was in no mood to do him that favor. Hence I decided to keep calm and wait for the time to elapse, quietly, at its own-sweet-pace.

Half an hour passed and it already looked like I was sitting there since ages. The pot of my patience was finishing off real fast. I was slowly falling flat into the blissful arms of a morning slumber and just when I was about to concede defeat to that adamant pair of eyelids, my gaze fell on to ‘HER’. She, dressed in black, was looking stunningly gorgeous among that pseudo-intellectual bunch of idiots, who, with pen and paper in their hands, were trying awfully hard to justify their useless existence through the means of education in this world on an otherwise pleasant Sunday Morning. She on the other hand was indifferent to her surroundings. Those uncanny moves of her hands pumped some sort of verve in me and brought me convincingly back to life in that boring lecture, I realized.

For the remaining half an hour I now had something to look forward to in class. The equation was simple. She, making an intriguing move meant another moment comfortably elapsed, which in turn meant that I had lesser time to bear with in that class. Her graceful presence, and the patience with which she was carrying herself in that useless lecture were commendable. Her calm and composed posture could have been an inspiration to many other restless souls inside that room. It’s interesting how sometime all you need is a glimpse of an idealistic figure to ignite back an invigorating spark within you. The spark that prevents your decay while you are still alive and guides you ahead towards your goals. Man certainly is a vulnerable slave to his self-induced deceptions, which hold him back, idle and futile in his worldly endeavors. In my case, an endeavor to survive the lecture with my eyes wide-open. Well, literary analogies and exaggeration apart, few more minutes did actually pass smoothly, with more hope and less struggle. I was in the closing stage of the lecture now.

Towards the end of the class, I could sense ‘Time’ floating playfully in HER divine hands. She was the ray of hope, coming from a distant end of that restless tunnel in which I had to bear up for one long hour with no direct intention to do so at all. She was the one, who had to decide for me, when the light would cross the tunnel and when it would show me the other side of the world that lay across the doors of that classroom. She was the Goddess of Time, the “Wall-Clock” for me, hanging silently, quietly and yet with a powerful authority to bring down the curtain on that dull lecture. I kept looking at HER in flattery, with an innocent urge until the very last moment. And finally, as the class dispersed to move out of the room, I conveyed my humble and soundless regards to that Super Lady on the Wall just to make sure that we stayed in good terms until the next time we met each other, not necessarily at the same place, but certainly in similar roles.