Save HER

Ever wondered why we fantasise an actress. Is it d way she dresses herself and charms you? Or is it a truth that she is beyond your reach, forces you to think about her more. Time has changed so has bollywood. Actresses running across trees, charming there actors with dance moves has been replaced by vulgarity , useless shedding of clothes on screen, unwanted kissing and seducing scenes wd an excuse of “script demanded it”.

Graceful actresses like madhuri, kajol, rani has been replaced by anushka , deepika and many others who has same expressions in every movie and every scene. And i haven’t understood d fact y sunny Leone is here.

Another factor which comes to my mind is the frequency with which discussions about the porn sites has increased. Girls are also not behind and they even think this is cool (not generalising , but few do )which in fact gives a wrong idea to men that if she likes it in d fantasy world she will surly like it in real world. They will try d stuff on their gfs and wives and on being stopped will try to force upon them. The satisfaction remains unsatisfied and they try to take this on some other woman.

In lower strata men who drive rickshaws and do labour work the frustration of not getting successful and being away from family increases exponentially. They will drink heavily, lose their conscious and try to take out their frustration by forcing upon some innocent woman, because in their world woman does not raise voice.

All the above factors discussed are to drive you towards one of the worst situations india is facing today: RAPE. I will try to take the case of December 16, a very sensitive case which forced women to come out of their home and beg for their security. A student was coming out of movie theatre with her guy friend and took d bus which offered her ride because it was getting late. 5 guys, full of lust and sex hungry pounded over her. The youngest boy a juvenile was said to be d most brutal. A 17 year old boy who should be success hungry and education freak is sex hungry and a serious freak who thought it would be fun to rape d woman. From where did he get that it will be fun to rape a woman?

I can think of one major reason which is not applicable to the men who do the labour work or drive rickshaws but also on those who work in MNCs and are quite successful in their field. I have also gone through my education in school and college; I never found any text relating to women as a weaker gender. Rani lakshmi bai , Sarojini naidu are the examples which we remember what they did for india. Still I am not able to recall. But yes I do recall some instances where I read of woman a symbol of sacrifice. I see it today also. I have seen my mother and many mothers who have sacrificed their beautiful life and career for us so that they can nurture us. And what do we do to them. Rape them? That 17 year old boy who raped the girl brutally, what made him think that she cannot do anything? Our society, our society rules, the myths hypocrisy. Woman should not leave their houses after 8. If they are wearing short clothes they are attracting men. This stigma is a curse for Indian society. Men are superior, head of the family till the time these values will keep on nurturing in our households we can’t protect them.