In conversation with Tushar Batra

If you encountered a few obstacles cramming the exams or couldn’t recall what what you read the last night with the sole objective of passing,here’s the road to boosting your memory.I worried a lot because I was a bit disheartened with the fact that after having worked so hard for the exams ,I couldn’t deliver my 100% on the day when it was quintessential for me to perform.

I came across certain tricks which I would like to share with everyone.These are :

1. Learning numbers

Eg. Take the number 1975186914981991.this seems really tough to memorize, right? No

worries. Divide it in groups of 4 and assign what amazingly different happened in this year, i.e., 1975-1869-1498-1991(Emergency imposed, Gandhiji’s birth, Vasco Da Gama entering India and Economic Reforms).


2. Learning words

A.Eg. you have to learn CONJUNCTIVES, i.e., take their first letters and create a word, i.e., FANBOYS standing for “for,and,nor,but,or,yet,so”.

B.Rhymes: Remember “thirty days are September ,April, June and November.”

They help you remember there are 4 months having 30 days, 11 having 31 days and 1 having

28/29 days.

C.Use sentences: To remember days in a week, say ,My tempting ways to fry sausages surfaced,i.e.,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday.

3. You have a habit of forgetting to take your tablets everyday .The most pragmatic solution is to keep them with a toaster so that whenever you feel it is not in its position ,you head towards it and find your tablets lying on it. So, in a bid to keep your toaster where it was before, you tend to look at your tablets and obviously, eat them.

4. Imagery, a completely distinctive way to retention , is one of the most interesting pieces I came the number 90-75-75-08.these are the ages of Atal Bihari Bajpayee, my grandpa repeated twice and Gerard’s jersey number. Now, create a storyline: Atal ji bought a flat first, my grandpa bought 2 just below his and Gerard bought another my grandpa’s.

5. Keep telling your mind you have a good memory .Repeat it the moment you feel you might not remember a particular answer or idea.

6. Speak aloud what’s important for you. For example, when someone invites you for a party, you reply:”9,Race Course Road?7pm?”

7. Reduce stress because manyatimes, we are unable to concentrate due to the underlying stress that stops us from being in the moment and focusing on the present activity, for instance ,studying. Meditation is a key for this since the way you breathe determines what and in how much quantity you inhale all the distractions and external embodiments of negativity straight into your body. Purifying your breath thus helps cleanse your thoughts so that you are able to by enamoured by your own thoughts, which turn out to be your actions.



8. Memory tablets may not help but memory food definitely does. Start eating blueberries, berries and grapes for cramming your books so that they get fed in your long-term memory.

9. Last but never the least, try solving puzzles and sudokus within time limits to make you get think faster and enrich the intelligence quotient that enables you to reactively and proactively utilize all your energies on the task at hand.

Thank you!