AICTE is not Conducting any Survey related to University Exams

Beware! A google form that is being circulated on social media platforms related to a survey by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for university exams is fake. This survey of university exam is not conducted or supported by AICTE.

Central Government’s Press Information Bureau (PIB) has alerted all students to not participate in any such surveys. AICTE also took it to their official twitter handle and shared the PIB fact-check report stating that they are not conducting such a survey or supporting it in any way. 

Since the middle of March this year, all the colleges and universities have been closed due to coronavirus outbreak in the country, putting almost all exams on hold. Many universities, now, have formally decided to begin the exams of only final year students and rest are still kept on hold.

Outrage poured out and students took to social media to raise their voices against this decision and started to demand a cancellation of these exams by their respective universities. 

“All the aggrieved students have been requested to express their concerns to their respective universities, and university bodies should take a judicious call based on the local requirements and necessities of the time,” AICTE stated this on June 5. 

Meanwhile, this Google form is being circulated among a lot of students as a “complaint form” regarding the university exams asking to be filled by all the university students of affiliated universities, technical or polytechnic universities, deemed to be universities under the AICTE.

It is further stated in the form that all the complaints provided by students would help the council to approach all the universities, and take some serious action related to the exams.

The students have to fill all the information including their contact number which represents a danger to the security of the students as they are not aware of the fact that they are sharing information with a third party.

What to do if you have received this google Form?

  1. Just don’t fill out any information if you received this google form, because it can be a scam and through this, a scammer can lead to all your other personal/ professional information. 
  2. Further, also alert the sender of this message to not fill out this form and share any information through this google form and save them from doing so.
  3. Report the message on the social media platform you have received the form from, under the reason that it is false/fake news. 

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Source: NDTV.