Admission Q&A : IESEG School of Management Paris/Lille, France

Interview with Gwarlann DE KERVILER and Jacob VAKKAYIL ,

Academic Directors – IMBA Program

1) Give us a brief description of IESEG .

IÉSEG School of Management is one of the top Business Schools in France, recognized for the excellence of its programs, its internationalization and the quality of its research. It has been accredited with EQUIS and AACSB, and ranked 24th globally for its Masters in Management by the Financial Times.

IÉSEG has more than 80% international permanent professors. 25% of its nearly 3400 students come from an international background, representing 70 nationalities.

2) What are the main aspects of the IMBA program ?

The participants will benefit from the global melting pot that is IÉSEG, where students from the top universities from more than 70 countries attend. The program also ensures access to exceptional classmates who bring with them professional experiences in both emerging and mature markets. Students will also benefit from valuable cultural immersion by being located at the heart of Europe.

3) What is the main focus of the program curriculum wise ?

The IMBA programme is focused on a global perspective with a special emphasis on the European context. Participants progress from fundamentals to advanced and extension modules for sharpening their capabilities and finally test their learnings in real business scenarios in the application module. Projects and internships involving companies in Europe add to the context sensitivity. Moreover, our practitioner teachers come mostly from businesses in Europe and this would naturally lead to a focus on the European context.

4) Difference between IMBA and your other programs?

IMBA is a one-year only intensive program with the right balance between academic rigour and practical relevance.

The faculty will comprise of those focusing on cutting edge business research as well as practitioners who lead enterprises through current business challenges.

The personalized development of each individual is emphasized through customized coaching and career development program.

We benefit also from the location–Paris La Défense– which houses 1,500 businesses including 14 of the top 20 French national companies, and 15 out of the top 50 worldwide.

5) Do you provide assistance for employment and post study work visa support ?

IÉSEG is strongly dedicated to ensuring that our students get the most out of the career support by offering individual coaching, small-group workshops, and corporate interactions. They will have exposure to an array of international opportunities through career fairs, position listings, job market advice and cooperation from a large number of companies worldwide.

6) Does your curriculum include French lessons?

IÉSEG provides intensive French lessons to all our participants to help them immerse in the French culture. The instruction is attuned to the level of the participant and would contain elements for business. This is also particularly important for those who foresee a career in France or with French companies across the globe.

7) Are there any scholarship opportunities available for students?

All the applicants are automatically considered for scholarship when they apply. There is no need to apply for this separately. The exact percentage of scholarship is decided by a number of factors and we let the applicants know this decision together with our offer letter.

8) What kind of a candidate will be a good fit for your program?

The typical participant in the program is a talented individual with at least three years of work experience who wants to advance his/her career. We would like to attract people who foresee a career that is deeply international. Towards this, we look for people who show a high degree of potential for excellence in multiple settings.