18 Feb 2016, Afternoon Slot 1.30 pm – Panel 3 

Hotel Janpath, Delhi

WAT Topic : Is Terrorism something because of religion or deprivation ? Or is it some people with vested interests want to leverage their personal benefits out of it ? 

15 mins WAT followed by 15 mins GD on same topic

Wrote decently with instances of ISIS & Boko Haram… Was able to convey my viewpoints in the GD and people supported me.

PI (Duration – 10 mins)

There were 2 persons (P1 in mid 40s, P2 in mid 30s)

I was the last candidate in the panel but requested the Prof verifying the documents to shift my slot so that I can catch my flight. 

Entered the room wishing Good Afternoon to both the Panelists.

P1 – Who allowed you to shift ?

Me – Sir, the Prof verifying the documents.

P1 – OK. Have a sit.

P2 – Give me your original certificates.

P1 – Tell me something about yourself.

Me – Spoke about my graduation college and thereafter my job responsibilities for 2mins

P1 – You have done Marketing / Sales support / After-sales support / Promotion / Forecasting / Inventory Management / Pricing etc… You are a superhero !! 

Me – Actually we didnt have separate Marketing & Product Management dept so I had to cover the functions of both.

P1 – You have rendered brilliant service to L&T. Tell me a situation where you have showed your negotiation skills.

Me – Told a situation wherein I converted an order for L&T.

P1 – Nice !!

P2 – So Sabyasachi, we see that you have left L&T in 2014. What have you been doing for the past 2 years ?

Me – Sir, I was associated with an NGO and also preparing for CAT.

P2 – 2 yrs to prepare for CAT ??

Me – Sir, actually I am currently student in IIM Ranchi pursuing MBA.

P2 – What ? Then why do you want to join here ?

Me – Because, I feel it’s a better opportunity and also being a 20year old institute, IIM-K has already established its brand image in the industry. IIM-Ranchi only being a 5year old institute will take time to reach its level. The vast alumni base along with rich peer knowledge here will definitely help me to achieve my goal.

P2 – In which company do you want to work for ?

Me – Sir I want to be in the Consulting domain. I want to work for the Big 4.

P1 – What is your CGPA in IIM Ranchi ?

Me – Told.

P1 – Ok. Nice talking to you.

Me – Thank you sir.

(After hearing IIM-Ranchi, they were simply in the mood that this guy is wasting our time.. Totally devastated ? )

Probable Verdict – Royal REJECTION

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