ABC of B-School

Every year lakhs of students appear for various prestigious exams to enter a premier B-school. The demand for business majors will always be high because there are an endless number of career opportunities available to individuals with a good business education. Employers in every industry need people who have been trained to organize, plan and manage within an Organization. In fact, there are many companies who rely only on business schools to acquire new employees as they get a sound grounding of requirements of business environment in these Schools/Institutions.

A B-school is a finishing organization which transforms the fresh students with raw skills into a well groomed person to be fitted in today’s highly competitive business environment. As a faculty it’s a great experience to witness that finishing work done. Students come with a lot of dreams in their mind. Various activities of different capacities are designed to make these dreams come true. Classroom teaching of practical business life situations itself is an experience for the students of B-School. Besides classroom teaching, live projects, assignments, presentations and competitions are designed in such a way to make it a complete package for the real grooming of the students. Industry interface is what makes a b-school special. Students get knowledge from their learned professors and industry experts and at the same time get practical exposure with different opportunities to go to field in the form of Industry Visit, Dry Port, Short -Term Projects and Summer Internship.

The first year of business school is mainly about exposure to functional areas of business as you will get into career preparation in the second year. Most first year business schools focus on networking and building relationship with fellow students. If you are handling the workload well in the first year, you can consider taking electives those appeals to you for specialization. Students can choose to specialize in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, International Business, Finance, Real Estate or any field that relates to Business and Industry. You can always choose a specialization that fits your personality and career goals later on. My sincere advice to all career minded students are to join a good B-School before seeking an employment any where as most of good Institutions have facilities of Campus Placement.

By: – Dr. Priyanka Singh (Faculty of Marketing)