-my IT: my Life-

Great founders of the computer and in turn the IT industry would never have thought about the change they are going to bring in the lives of common people and that it is going to be such an EPIC!!

Modern day innovations in IT have an ever changing phenomenon of its own that has rendered considerable impact on today’s world. The changing trend has resulted for an even greater competition among IT companies giving way to a rising nausea of dissatisfaction and urge to catch up in the race among the employees. Employee, the term that is most relevant for common people having common aspirations, similar approaches and lookalike lifestyles.

The everyday lifestyle of an IT employee today starts right from getting up, doing the needful daily activities, reaching office on time , starting up the work, going out for lunch or sometimes skipping it, finishing up late and reaching back home tired , watching movies to dilute stress and finally going to bed. This is what anyone who has never been a part believes but the story behind the scene is even more mesmerizing. Most of you have to stay away from home to get a Job in IT, rely on outside food unwantedly , keep track of your growth with respect to money, market demand and most importantly what your family still wants from you, suppress your dissatisfaction till it leads to a possibly newer level of endurance for you, still think of a better and finer way of leading life and finally accept what is with you as the almighty has got special plans probably.

IT, the harbinger of a brand new culture, selfish ideologies, and purposeful behavior, spans around the lifetime for whoever was a part once. The entry ticket to the train is yet another difficult task to get to and includes looking for interviews, learning some programming technologies which most of us do, and finally landing up to a profile that will presumably satisfy you to the only extent that you are finally earning. The lookout for a more satisfying job is an intriguing topic and is still a matter of thought in most of our lives.

We have henceforth changed our so called living standards on the cost of becoming meaner and less social. We are working for one of the world’s fastest growing IT companies, have a high speed internet connection, good means of transport, and have numerous food and luxury options but somewhere we miss our days gone back with lesser transportation facilities, where life relied on a 2G internet connection, and where food and luxury options had no physical significance in daily life. Today we plan a lot in terms of life, family, money, health and retirement but live lesser in terms of peace, prosperity, social and mental aspects.

Life for all those born in the early nineties has become a complex puzzle, where one leg is lying in the already learnt past while the other is in the yet to learn future.