A Special Meeting! :-) Part-2

He started flipping through pages. Having analyzed it for a little period he said, “For me your port is okay but Rashi finalizes the model. So only she will tell you if you are finalized.”

“Okay. Umm……so am I supposed to wait for her or…” I said

“Wait. I talk to her,” He dialed her number. While he was on the phone, I had a close look of different catalogues kept in a showcase to analyze the male models in them.

“Vibhu,” He called me.

“Yes sir,” I turned back moving towards him.

“Rashi wants to talk to you,” he handed me the cell phone. I hesitated but had to take the call.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi, it’s Rashi,” said a beautiful voice from the other end.

“Hi ma’am, how are you?”

“Ma’am?…..don’t be formal, Vibhu,” She seemed pretty energetic while I was kind of nervous.

“Okay Rashi. How are you?” I said trying to put the same energy she had.

“Now that sounds good! I am fine” she paused, “Vibhu, the thing is I can’t come to office today to finalize you.”

“So tell me when we can meet next, then.”

“I am too busy these days. No idea about when I can meet you,” she paused, “Hey, can you do one thing?”


“Come to Shivaji Park. It’s just 20 minutes ride from our office. I will meet you there.”

“Okay. I am coming. Where exactly will you meet?” I asked.

“Call me once you reach the Bus-stop. I’ll come there.”


“See you then,” She said hanging up the phone.

I gave the cell phone back to Mr. Kumar.

“She wants to meet me at Shivaji Park,” I told this to him being fully aware that he knew it as he was already listening the conversation I was having with her daughter.

“Your chances are very bright,” he said standing from his chair.

“As in,” I asked as I could not get what he meant.

“She generally keeps delaying meeting with models otherwise,” He came near me, “All the best young man.”

“Thanks sir. So shall I leave?” I said putting my port into my bag.

“Yes. Sure,” He said as I came out of his office.

Reaching on the road, I caught the bus to Shivaji Park. I asked my fellow passenger to let me know when Shivaji Park came, as I didn’t have much idea about places in Mumbai.

“Next stop is yours,” he alerted me just a stop before my stop.

“Thanks. I will get off,” I said. In a minute, my stop came. I got off the bus and stood at one side of the road.

I dialed her number.

“You reached,” she picked up the call.


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