A Peek into the Life of an NIBM student

25th November 2018, the date is etched in my memory forever, for it was that time of the year when all the management aspirants had geared up to put their best foot forward and secure a seat in the B-school of their dreams. I was one of the fortunate few who had persevered through the gruelling admission procedure and made it to the college of my preference.

It’s been four months and 3 days onto the campus of National Institute of Bank Management, Pune and each day is a new experience. It’s like a roller coaster ride with umpteen unanticipated twists and turns and whether to enjoy the ride or to scream in fear is at your discretion but, quitting would never be an option. The day begins at 8 AM and ends, you ask, depending on how long you can keep your mind sane without hitting the bed.

With each passing lecture, you tend to understand better and get deeper insights into the Banking and Finance sector. Oh! So, this is how the Capital structure of a company is determined, the reasons why BASEL Accords were brought into effect and the mystery behind the receipt of that instant beep on your mobile whenever you complete a transaction unfolds before you. The frequent guest lectures delivered by the Big Shots of the BFSI domain, the CEO of HDFC, Asia- Pacific Head of VISA, MD of YES Bank, Chairman of Indian Banks Association etc. to name a few, give you butterflies in your stomach when they talk about the impact they are making in the Banking world and also give you a glimpse of what lies ahead of you once you graduate out of the college.

Though, I frankly accept that this Post Graduate programme is going to be the most demanding course of your academic life, but on the flip side you’ll also have your share of chilled moments and ways to ease out the pressure. The Saturday nights, Fresher’s party, the fests, events, cultural programmes, Dare to Compete Competitions and the scenic city of Pune add the cherry to the cake.






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