5 Tips for better preparation of IBPS Clerk 2016 Examination

Registration for the the IBPS Clerk 2016 examination is about to begin, and this year almost 20,000 candidates will be selected as bank clerks in IBPS member banks across the country. Lakhs of students try their luck every year to clear the examination and secure a government job in the Public Sector banks. The competition and difficulty of the examination has risen manifold during the last few years. The selection procedure consists of prelims and mains written examination.

Candidates preparing for the banking exams often find it quite challenging and confusing, because of the vast syllabus they need to cover for the examination. They should begin with having a clear idea of the syllabus and pattern of the selection procedure. It gives them the much needed confidence to begin their preparation for the exams. Often, students commit the mistake of overdoing their preparations and this result in them missing their chance of clearing the examinations. Here are some tips, which can help you prepare strategically and effectively:

    • Calm your senses during long hours of study: Often, long tedious hours of study can adversely affect your preparation. Apart from going through the usual routine of preparation, candidates must try out activities that help them relax, like listen to music and watch films.
    • Take up meditation: Meditation can be an effective stress buster for the candidates who are devoting long hours for their banking preparation. Focusing senses with meditation helps improve the performance of candidates by allowing them to have a fresh mind every time they begin their preparation for the day.
    • Do not break down on repetitive attempts: Many candidates do not clear the banking exams even after multiple attempts. Gradually, a sense of frustration and guilt seeps in to these candidates, which is quite harmful for the prospects of success for them. They should control their emotions and put their energy into preparing well for the exams and get determined to crack it.
    • Do not house arrest yourself: Many candidates take the challenge of preparing for the banking examinations to such an extent that they spend most of their time with books. They should develop the habit of taking a break from their studies to go out for a walk or an evening stroll. This helps refresh the mind and body, which will allow them to further concentrate on their studies.
    • Spend time with your friends and family: It is often perceived that you might end up losing your valuable time of preparation if you hang out with your friends on a regular basis. In reality, hanging out with family and friends helps students study with renewed focus as it helps them destress. The idea is not to seclude yourselves to studies only, but lead a normal and balanced life during the preparation period.