5 reasons why you should consider Europe for an MBA

There are several benefits to studying in Europe, ranging from enhancing employment prospects to developing diverse skill sets, to getting a more focused education. Here are the top five reasons why one should study for an MBA degree in Europe:

  • Shorter Duration – Many MBA programmes in Europe are 12 to 18 months long, as opposed to the standard two-year commitment required to study in other geographic locations. This can play an important role in your decision making process, as it not only means lowered tuition costs but also translates to a significantly lower opportunity cost, as you can get back into the workforce faster. Schools like ESADE in Spain also give you the flexibility to choose between 12, 15 and 18 month programs, so it is easier to find a programme that works best for you.
  • Diverse Faculty and Student Body – You get an opportunity to engage with students across the globe as MBA programmes at European schools have 80 to 90 per cent international students from 35 to 40 countries. Faculty at these schools also tend to be more international. This will enable you to learn how to think outside the box, gain exposure to different ideas and points of view, increase your adaptability, and shape your leadership skills. Apart from the in-class learning, it will help you learn outside the classroom and attain a truly global outlook, while you interact with your friends and classmates.
  • A More Experienced Cohort – Most of the European programmes attract applicants that have had significant work experience. Students in the classroom tend to be senior and have more experience. This leads to a stronger quality of peer-to-peer learning in the classroom as well as outside the class.
  • Increased Foreign Language Proficiency – You get to learn and improve your foreign language skills with your classmates and faculty. Most European business schools use English as their primary language of instruction, but they also offer accelerated language courses, and the opportunity to interact with native speakers within the classroom as well as in the city at large. Fluency in foreign languages will enhance your job prospects with multinational companies.
  • Access to Global Network – These programmes provide a platform to network not only within the setting of a multicultural classroom and the students and professors on campus, but also a part of a global network of institutional alumni. These connections you make have the potential of being your lifelong friends, future business partners, co-founders, investors, mentors, employers and so much more. These connections will be particularly valuable if you know you want to live and work in Europe after you graduate, because it gives you the opportunity to directly engage with future employers while at business school.

An MBA in Europe may not be the right stepping stone for everyone. It is important that you spend time to reflect, undertake a complete assessment and identify specifically why an MBA in Europe is for you. When it’s a right fit, it can provide you with the relevant networks, skill sets and advancement you need to take your career to the next level.