GD/PI | Do you know What Schrodinger’s Paradox is?

Here is my IMT ex…

CII, Salt Lake sector 1, Calcutta at 12:30 pm

I reached at 12:10 and got into the hall. There was a clip going on in the projector, when 4 seniors introduced us to them. Then there was a series of friendly talks from them regarding the colleges, the campus culture and other stuff. In the mean time they also offered us to shoot any questions at them (as if somebody was going to do so!). Having been confirmed (and satisfied!) that no body has got any query the game finally begun.

So we were to write 5 points either for or against (no diplomatic points, strictly for or against only as instructed by dear seniors!) the statement “Business ethics: only in utopia”. We were given 30 mins for this. After the writing there was a 10 mins coffee break (yeeaa free coffee!).

Now began the second round (GE). We were given tags sticked to our shirts and groups of 5 people were made (who were you number 3 in the second group??). Ofcourse I was in the second group! We were guided to the room where it was to take place. We were provided with a standard tool kit. We were supposed to make stuff with it. The instructions came. We were to make a design for efficient passenger handling in an airport. We are supposed to implement some new technique or concepts. WTF I have never been to an airport! Just know what I saw in Discovery! Maybe they could have done better with something more mainstream. How about railway station or bus stop? Anybody? Well I just suggested how about unifying the baggage and passenger screening. Other than this I was mostly silent. The rest of the participants were brilliant. They managed to make it. Thanks number 3.

Now coming to the PI phase now. I was the second to go in. The first participant went in… and here outside my mouth was drying up! So candidate 1 is out now… They will call me in now… Called me in.

Two profs, male and female. Male in 40’s and female in late 50’s.  Greeted them. Was told to take seat.

Female prof: So you are from ***?

Me: Yes maam.

Female prof: *** comes before ***?

Me: No maam. It actually comes after. Around 60 kms from there!

Female prof: I was born and brought up there. (Not in my town! But where my town is 60 kms from!)

Me: Maam it’s great to know that.

Male prof: What you studied in undergrad level. You mentioned ‘others’.

Me: Sir I did BSc physics.

Male prof: It was there in the options.

Me: Sir I think the option was not there.

Male prof: Shows me another form where it says BSc.

Me: Sir may be I overlooked.

Male prof: Who is the CM of Jharkhand?

Me: Told.

Male prof: There were talks on something going on in Jharkhand.

Me: Yes sir. An investor’s summit is going on to attract investments.

Male prof: Who is the brand ambassador? Me: Told.

Male prof: Was that a good idea? How about making Ratan Tata the ambassador instead?

Me: Yes sir. I don’t think it to be a good idea as well.

Male prof: Why the govt might have done this?

Me: Sir Dhoni struks a chord with the youth population and otherwise in Jharkhand. This might have sent a message that so many things are happening and might fetch points to the govt. We people just see what is happening at the moment. And making Dhoni made just that purpose serve. For effective business you need land, friendly laws, electricity and other infrastructures first. Clearly these things were not done first.

Male prof: What will be the expected investment in the state?

Me: Sir as I know there is no solid commitment on part of the industry. However the chief minister expects 5 lakhs direct and indirect jobs because of investments.

Male prof: What’s the population of our country? Me: Around 120 cr.

Male prof: What is the population of Jharkhand? Me: Sir 20 cr!

Male prof: Are you sure? That equals 1/6th population of the country?

Me: Sir I guess the NE states are scarcely populated so I think it is right. (F! Actual population of Jharkhand is 4 cr!)

Male prof: What is quantum mech? Me: Told.

Young prof: Do you know Planck’s constant? Me: Yes sir. It’s a constant denoted by k!

Young prof: What physical quantity it represents? Me: Thinking… Sir can I take some time. Young prof: Yes. ……

Male prof: Intervening… Do you know what Schrodinger’s paradox is? Me: Sir I have not heard it before. Now comes the maam…

Female prof: You did physics hons. What should I ask you? Female prof: Do you read books? Me: Maam even though I rarely read books. I will not be in category of readers though!

Female prof: Do you know Stephen Hawking? Me: Yes maam.

Female prof: You read any book by him? Me: Yes maam! I read Brief history of time!

Female prof: You see any similarity between the book and Interstellar movie? Me: Maam I haven’t watched that movie.

Female prof: Do you know parallel universe? Me: Told

Female prof: Does the fifth dimension has got to do something with time? Me: Bla bla bla… So yes I think it is somewhat related to time. You may go now. [Again who were you number 3?]