3 Days to CAT: PaGaLGuY’s song of the day is…

The clock is ticking and with just three days left for the exam, stress levels are likely to be high. However, if you’ve read our Hakuna Matata post, you would know that we have made it our life’s mission to de-stress you. So for those of you who still haven’t de-stressed, we have our third one in this series – that has the same message to share but in a more desi style. Sung by Bollywood’s Baap(i) and featuring none other than our very own Dhaai kilo haath wale Sunny Paaji, is the song, Sochna Kya Jo Bhi Hoga Dekha Jayega!, from the movie, Ghaayal.

This song is everything that Baapida stands for – fun, foot tapping music and girth – and is great in its entirety, but these lines make it rise to greater heights – “kal ke liye aaj kona khona, aaj ye na kal ayega.” Believe me guys when I say, wiser words have not been spoken before. So sit back and relax, while the exam day approaches near.

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Watch this space for more such songs till D-Day and stay tuned for PaGaLGuY’s live CAT updates of the exam on December 4. So what music are you listening to today? Tell us in the comments below!