ITM Students Industrial Visit to Shrikant Masale

Institute of Technology and Management had organized an industrial visit on 16th Nov 2016 to Shreekant Masale factory, located in Chakan, Pune, 120 kms from Kharghar for the students of P.G.D.M (Retail Management). The visit was organized with prior permission and guidance of Mr. Dilip Bhandari from Shrikant Masale.


Shreekant Masale the largest producer, processor and distributor of different kind of spices and pickles in Maharashtra, was founded in 1975 by an entrepreneur Shri. Mishrilalji Chothmalji Bhandari along with his wife Smt. Sulochanabai Mishrilalji Bhandari and later in 1985 their sons Mr. Shrikant Mishrilalji Bhandari and Mr. Dilip Mishrilalji Bhandari came for support for their dad’s home based business.

Companys main objective is:

• To provide the consumers with value for their money

• To reduce the efforts of housewives in making of pickles and masalas

• To provide best service and quality products to customers

Students Study about the factory:

• Shreekant Masale has a business limited to Pune district. They have 40 outlets and 56 distributors, each distributor covers an area of 5 kms for distribution. They have 70 employees working in their factory, most of them are females residing from nearby localities. Around 80 types of masalas are made in the factory.

• Due to automation and low transportation cost they are able to provide spices and pickles at lower rates than their competitors. Their raw materials are obtained from the local markets. Seasonal availability of fruits are stored with the help of preservatives so as to obtain sales throughout the year.

• Pickles and Spices are made at different factory units. Six types of pickles are made in the unit, it includes a huge part of pickles made from mangoes, chilly and sweet lime.

• For restaurants, different batch of spices are made according to their order. They follow mass customization strategy for B2B markets.

• From the start of spice making process till the end there is a major involvement of labor majority of which is ladies.

• Management and marketing of the product is handled by family members, hence it has resulted in more profits for the company. The turnover of the company in over 12crs.

• Due to low involvement of inflammable materials there is no fire safety equipment in the factory. A friendly and disciplined environment is maintained by the employees.

• Their factory outlet in the premise has a huge sale of around 20 lakhs per month due to discounts/sale/offer provided.