13 things you must do (or not do) before taking CAT 2015

Hopefully, you have studied and studied and studied for CAT. And you’ve also taken mocks and discussed the nitty-gritty with fellow CAT-takers on PaGaLGuY.

And if  after all that, you still feeling the exam blues, here is something that will help.


*If you are tensed, don’t be. It’s only a CAT exam, it’s not dengue.

*Read the newspaper in the morning of the exam. Not because you have to brush up on your GK (too late for that) but because it will make your mind alert. 

*Have a good breakfast if you are scheduled for the morning slot and brunch if you are on the next one. If you black out, you will only have yourself to blame.

*Sleep exactly where you sleep everyday, use the same pillow.  A crick in the neck or a bad back don’t exactly help during exams. 

*And have a good night sleep. If sleepless nights won exams, pharma companies would have been manufacturing pills to keep awake before exams. 

*If you have a pet, spend some time with him, her – you will definitely feel better. 

*Do not get put-off by the other stressed faces you see at the exam centre. Be happy – they are probably more stressed than you are.

*If you have not visited your CAT centre the day before, leave very very early. No point reaching late and grumbling about how the transportation system sucks.


*Do not try to study something new, hours before the exam, because – pucca, pucca – you will forget what you have already studied.

*Wear your lucky piece of clothing for the exam. No, it will not bring you luck, but will help you feel good. 

*If during the exam, you get stuck, do not close your eyes and pray or think of your parents. Remember your prep  and  find the answer.


*If you feeling stuffy during the exam, it need not be a malfunctioning AC, it’s most probably your stress. So relax because the AC temperature cannot be lowered only for you. 

*If the exam has not gone too well, don’t sweat. It’s only an exam. It isin’t about life or death. Bill Gates once disclosed:  “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”

And wait, once you back from the exam, write in to [email protected]  We’d like to know your experience.