XAT Syllabus 2021

XAT 2021 Syllabus

XAT is XLRI’s Admission Test. XAT 2020 will be conducted on first Sunday of January 2021. Nearly 150 institutes consider XAT score as their entry ticket.

XAT exam is one of the oldest exams dated back to 60 years which is conducted to select the appropriate candidate to get into B schools. The quality of the XAT exam is top class since the exam pattern and the syllabus framed for the exam is unique among all the other top B school entrance test.

Every year the exam pattern and the syllabus for the XAT exam will vary accordingly. Since 2018 there is no essay writing part in the XAT exam. The article describes the detailed syllabus for XAT 2020.

The XAT 2021 covers the following topics in detailed.

  • Verbal and Logical Ability (VA & LR),
  • Decision making (DM),
  • Quantitative Ability (QA),
  • Data Interpretation (DI),
  • General Knowledge (GK)
S.No Topics Contents covered
1 Verbal ability

Basic English grammar that includes Synonym and antonyms, usage of contextual, Right usage of words, Task of completing a paragraph based on an idea, error detecting and correcting in a sentence, jumbled sentences.

2 Logical ability Objective type critical reasoning questions based on seating arrangements, judgments, relationship-based questions, clocks, analogy, calendars, Judgement, Binary logic, assumptions.
3 Decision making Data arrangements, Case lets, groupings based on the condition, analytical reasoning, reading comprehensions
4 Quantitative ability Problems based on speed and distance, height and distance, tables , graphs, clocks, algebra functions, surds and indices, percentage, surds and indices, Binomial theorem, inequalities, Trigonometry, mensuration, logarithm, Venn diagram, equations like quadratic and linear equation, complex numbers, progressions, permutations and combinations, number systems, coordinate geometry, simple and compound interest, Least common multiple and Highest common factor, Set theory.
5 Data Interpretation Analyzing and comparing data sets, different types of chart and graphs, pie diagram, questions based on the tables.
6 General Knowledge Questions covering the topics like currency and capitals, company profiles, the constitution of India, Economics and finance, biography, authors and their books, environment and the national and international happenings, sports, prize and awards, politics, literature, etc.


Verbal Ability

  • Sourav’s class notes on XAT paperback 2016.
  • Bharata Patodi and Aditya Choudary’s book on Verbal ability comprehension for various competitive exams.
  • Vikas Agarwal and cos book on Objective general English.
  • Book on High school English by Wren and Martin’s.

Logical Ability

  • Copi and Cohen’s book on Introduction to logics.
  • MK Pandey’s book on Analytical Reasoning.
  • Ranga Rhuram’s book on Critical Thinking and logical reasoning
  • Analytical reasoning by Magical book series

Decision making and Data interpretation

  • Arun Sharma’s book on How to prepare for data interpretation for CAT.
  • Data interpretation and Data sufficiency written by Ananta Ashisha.
  • Gautam Puri’s book on Data interpretation and logical reasoning.
  • Sinha’s book on Logical reasoning and Data interpretation for CAT.
  • Arihant series on Data interpretation and data insufficiency.

Quantitative Ability

  • Book on Quantitative ability for CAT 2017 by Gautam puri.
  • Book on XAT by Wiley publication.
  • R K Jha’s book on Jabbing the mock test of XAT.

General Knowledge

  • All the newspapers and magazines should be updated daily.
  • Lucent’s book on General Knowledge.
  • Certain journals like wall street journal, Competition success review, etc.