OJEE 2019

OJEE 2019 Syllabus

Orissa Board usually displays the syllabus of the OJEE on the official website and there is almost no change in the syllabus from previous years. Important topics for each section are provided below:

Stream Subject Topics
For Pharmacy Physics Physics Syllabus for the OJEE B. Pharm is considered to be the toughest section in the exam. The topics for the section include Heat and Thermodynamics, Current Electricity, Optics, Wave Motion and SHM, Measurements and motion, Electricity and Magnetism, Liquids, Relativity and Nuclear Physics, Characteristics of Materials.
Chemistry The syllabus of Chemistry includes the topics such as Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Solutions, Introduction to organic Chemistry, Aromatic Compounds, Types of Chemical Reactions, Solid State of Matter, Liquid state of Matter, Types of Chemical Reactions, Solutions, Gaseous State of Matter, Nuclear Chemistry, Non-Metals and properties, Chemical bonds, Biochemistry, Aromatic Compounds, Chemistry in service of mankind.
Mathematics Mathematics Syllabus includes the topics Calculus – Differential and Integral, Vectors, Quadratic Polynomials, Sequence and Series, Coordinate Geometry of two dimensions, Probability and Statistics Logic Sequence and Series, Algebra of Sets, Vectors, Number System, Differential Calculus, Determinants and Matrices, the calculus, Trigonometry, Differential Equations, Coordinate geometry of three dimensions, Number Systems, Quadratic Polynomials
Biology Biology Syllabus includes the topics Control and Coordination, Animal Reproduction and Human Development, Human Physiology and Biology in Human Welfare, Genetics and Evolution, Ecology, Diversity of Plant life, Plant Physiology and Processes in Plants
LE Diploma AC Theory, Storage Devices, wiring and power building and basic syllabus of electrical Engineering, Fundamentals, Storage Devices, Conversion of Electrical Energy, generation of Electrical power, AC theory, Measuring instruments, Wiring and power building. Syllabus for Mathematics include topics of Calculus, Statistics and Probability, vector Algebra and Trigonometry, Ordinary Differential Equation, Trigonometry    , Coordinate Geometry of three Dimension, Algebra, Calculus Matrices and Determinants, Analytical Geometry, Statistics and Probability. And Engineering Mechanics include Force Moments, Simple Lifting Machine, Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia, Simple Stress and Strain, Friction                Dynamics, and Gear Drive.
LE B Sc Mathematics The syllabus of Mathematics includes topics such as Logic, Algebra of Sets, Sequence and Series, Differential Calculus, Vectors, Number System, Integral Calculus, Determinants and Matrices, Coordinate Geometry of three dimensions, Statistics and Probability, Number System, Trigonometry, Differential Equations, Coordinate geometry of two dimensions, Quadratic Polynomials.
Physics The syllabus of Physics includes topics like Mechanics, Oscillations, Physical Optics, Motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic field, Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics, Week Spectra, Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Electric Current Magnetism, Kinetic Theory of Matter, Band Structure, Electronics, Field effect Transistors,   Thermodynamics, Time Varying Fields,  Kinetic theory of Gases, Electromagnetic Waves, Solid State Devices, Semiconductor Devices.
Chemistry The syllabus of Chemistry includes topics like Chemical Bonding, s-Block Elements, Thermochemistry, Thermodynamics, Phase equilibrium, Chemical equilibrium         p-Block Elements, Electrochemistry-I, Coordination Compounds, Chemistry of Noble Gases, Electrochemistry-II Structure, Atomic Structure, Stereochemistry of Organic, bonding and mechanism of Organic reactions, compounds, Periodic Properties.
MBA The question paper has divided into 5 sections which are as follows:

•             Verbal Reasoning – it is to test the ability of the candidates to think constructively and vocabulary recognition.

•             Analytical Reasoning – It is to test the ability to consider a group of facts and rules and to determine what could or must be true.

•             Comprehension – It is to test the reading ability of the candidates as the questions will be based on a passage given.

•             General Knowledge – It is to test the general awareness of the candidates and knowledge on the current affairs.

•             Computer and fundamentals – It are to test the basic knowledge of the computers and business guidelines.

MCA The syllabus for MCA includes other topics Along with the section to assess the basic computer awareness. The topics for Mathematics include Logic, Differential Calculus, Sequence and Series, Algebra of Sets, Determinants and Matrices, Vectors, Trigonometry, Number System, Differential Equations, Co-ordinate geometry of two dimensions, Co-ordinate geometry of three dimensions, Integral calculus, Number System, Probability and Statistics, and Quadratic Polynomials.

As the exam pattern is different for each course so is the syllabus for each session. Candidates should be aware of the subjects and sections involved in each session. Candidates must know what each section is designed to test. It is needed for the candidates to tackle each section with the right approach at the time of preparation. Candidates who aspire to appear for the OJEE exam 2019 should note the important instructions which are as follows:

  1. Entry will open half and hour before the scheduled examination and candidates would not be allowed to enter the hall once the examination starts.
  2. Candidates would not be allowed to leave the examination hall before the exam is over.
  3. Candidates would be allowed only with the valid admit card
  4. Candidates must bring the blue or black ball point pen to examination hall to fill the answers in OMR Sheet. Pens will not be provided by the authorities in the exam hall
  5. Candidates would not be allowed to take mobile phones or any electronic devices or any papers or charts along with them inside the examination hall.