NEET PG Syllabus 2020

NEET PG 2020 Admit card will released on 31st December 2019.

Candidates can download  Admit Card from official website .

NEET PG Exam Date – 5th January 2020

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NEET PG 2020 Syllabus

The syllabus of the NEET PG 2019 entrance exam comprises of all the subjects that the candidate has already covered during the MBBS and BDS programs. The subjects are issued by MCI after the approval of the Indian Government and are in accordance to the Graduate Medical Education Regulations.

The candidates can see below for the subject wise syllabus:

Subject Topics


Acute and chronic inflammation, The oral cavity and Gastrointestinal tract, The liver, Gallbladder and Biliary tract, The pancreas, Tissue Repair, Regeneration, Healing and Fibrosis, Cell injury, Cell death and adaptations, Hemodynamic Disorders, thrombosis and shock, hematopoietic and lymphoid systems Diseases of the immune system Neoplasia, The lung, The kidney and its collecting system.
The male genital system, The Blood vessels, The Heart, The female genital system and breast, The Endocrine system, The musculoskeletal system,Genetic and paediatric Diseases, Environmental and Nutritional Diseases, General pathology of infectious Diseases, The skin, The nervous system, Miscellaneous Topics


Cardiovascular Drugs, Drugs Acting on Central Nervous System, Drugs Acting on kidney, Respiratory and Related Drugs, General Pharmacological Principles, Drugs Affecting Blood and Blood formation, Hormones and Related Drugs, Miscellaneous Drugs , Chemotherapy of Neoplastic Diseases, Antimicrobial Drugs, Drugs acting on Autonomic Nervous system, Gastrointestinal Drugs, Autacoids and Related Drugs


Metabolism of proteins and amino acids, Structures, Digestion and Absorption, Nutrition, Vitamins and minerals, Intracellular traffic and sorting of proteins, The extracellular matrix Glycoproteins. Biochemistry of extracellular and intracellular communication, Structures and functions of proteins and Enzymes, function and replication of informational macromolecules, and the metabolism of Carbohydrate and lipids, Plasma proteins and immunoglobulins, Muscles and the cytoskeleton, Homeostasis and thrombosis, Metabolism of xenobiotics, Red and white blood cells.


Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Miscellaneous Topics, Methods and Techniques, Immunology


Degenerative and metabolic bone disease, Miscellaneous Bone diseases Fractures and Injuries, Infections of bones and joints, Bone tumors, CTEV, PIVD, Back pain,

Preventive and Social Medicine

Man, and Medicine: Concept of Health and Diseases, Towards health for all, Screening for Disease, Principles of Epidemiology and Epidemiologic Methods, Epidemiology of communicable Diseases. Preventive Medicine in Obstetrics Paediatrics, Demography and Family planning, and Geriatrics, Health programs in India, Epidemiology of chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and Conditions, Nutrition & Health, Social Sciences and Health. Environment and Health, Mental Health, Disaster Management, Health Information and Basic Medical Statistics, Occupational Health, Hospital waste Management, Education, Health care of the community, Health Planning and Management, International Health, Miscellaneous Topics, Communication for Health, Genetics and Health,


Diseases of Larynx, Diseases of pharynx, and trachea, Diseases of Nose and Paranasal Sinuses, Diseases of Ear, Diseases of oral cavity and salivary Glands.


The perineum, The Pelvis, The thorax, the upper limb, The lower limb, The Abdomen, The Head and Neck, The Back and Miscellaneous Topics.


Urogenital Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Abdominal wall Cardiothoracic Surgery, Hernia, and Umbilicus.


Disease of the Uveal tract, Disease of the lens, Glaucoma, Disease of the vitreous, Disease of the Retina, Clinical methods in ophthalmology, Vision and neuro-ophthalmology, Strabismus and Nystagmus, Disease of the lids, Optics and refraction, Disease of conjunctiva, Anatomy and development of eye, Disease of the cornea, Disease of the sclera.


Haematological disease, Water electrolyte and acid base balance, Cardiovascular disease, Medical oncology including haematological malignancy, biliary tract and pancreatic disease, Rheumatology and bone disease, Renal disease,

Forensic Medicine

Injuries and wounds, Thermal death, Starvation, Mechanical Asphyxia, Sexual offences and Abortion, Medical Jurisprudence, Autopsy, Death, Post mortem changes Poisoning, Psychotropic drugs, Asphyxiants, Miscellaneous Topics


Medical and surgical illness complicating Pregnancy Pre-term labour, PROM, Post maturity, IUD, Malposition. Normal pregnancy, Complications of pregnancy


Diseases & Injury to female genital tract, Ectopic gestation and disorders of menstruation, Conception, Birth control and MTP, Trophoblastic diseases,

The following are the good books to refer for the preparation of NEET PG:

  1. DAMS beat the NEET by Sumer K Sethi
  2. All India PG Medical Entrance Exam with Answers with author Gupta, Krishnamurthy & Sethi
  3. Postgraduate Medical Entrance Exam, volume 2 & 3 by Amit Tripathi
  4. Self-Assessment and Review of NEET Pattern questions by Arvind Arora.