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MET Exam 2024

MET Exam Pattern 2024

MET 2024 Exam Pattern

MET Exam Pattern 2024

The MET exam is administered as a center-based online test. It consists of a question paper with 60 questions covering subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and General Aptitude. Candidates are allotted a duration of 120 minutes to complete the exam.

The MET Question Paper is provided in English medium. The questions are of objective nature, which means they are multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and also include Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions. Candidates must select the correct or the closest-to-correct answer from the options given.

Subjects No. of MCQs No. of NATs
Physics 10 5
Chemistry 10 5
Mathematics 15 5
English 10 0
Total 35 15

MET 2024 Marking Scheme

Type of Questions Marks for Correct Answer Marks for Incorrect Answer Marks for Unanswered Question
MCQs +4 -1 0
NATs +4 0 0

Additional Details about the MET Paper Pattern:

  1. Rough sheets will be provided to candidates during the test, which must be returned upon completing the exam.
  2. Upon finishing the test, the final score will be displayed on the screen instantly.
  3. Candidates can verify their test score online, 24 hours after completing the test.
  4. In the case of multiple attempts by a candidate, the merit list will consider the best score achieved.