GRE Cut off 2021

GRE Exam 2020: Can be attempted any number of times with a gap of 21 days between each attempt with an annual upper bound of 5 times per year.

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GRE Cutoff 2021

The Graduate Record Examinations commonly known as GRE, is a standardized exam and a mandatory requirement for students seeking admission into graduate schools in the United States. The GRE exam is owned and administered by Education Testing Service (ETS). The GRE intends to measure the candidate’s holistic ability by testing their verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking. The GRE syllabus consist of algebra, geometry, arithmetic and vocabulary.

The test fees are $205, but financial aid is provided to those who can’t afford the fees and prove the economic hardship. A candidate may miss one or multiple questions on a multiple-choice and still score a good score of 170. Similarly, if no question is answered correctly, score of 130 is the lowest score. While GRE is a standardized exam, GRE cut off highly depends on the university a candidate would like to enroll in.

For students practicing and working hard to achieve most acceptable GRE scores, the below mentioned score slabs would help them set their score targets better. A top score of 163+ in Verbal, 165+ in Quant and 5.0+ in AWA that would lead to an overall score of 328+, would help them qualify for the top 10% universities in the United States.

A good score would range between 158-162 in Verbal,159-164 in Quant, 4.5 in AWA and an aggregate of 317-322 would place them in the top 25% of test takers. A modest score of 152-157 in Verbal, 153-158 in Quant, 4.0 in AWA and a total score ranging between 305 to 316 would place the candidate among top 50% test takers. Although the score wouldn’t qualify the students for Ivy League colleges, they can still aim for decent non-Ivy League colleges.

GRE Cut Off for top 10 universities are as follows:

University Name Verbal (Average Score) Quant
(Minimum Score)
Quant (Average Score)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) 157 160 162
Stanford University 158 160 163
University of California Berkeley(UCB) 155 159 161
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign 155 159 163
Carnegie Mellon University 159 159 161
Georgia Technological University(GTU) 155 159 161
University of Texas, Austin 155 157 160
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 154 159 161
Cornell University 160 159 162
Purdue University 158 160 163