Every year, Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School (SRMS IBS) provides the variety of scholarships for meritorious candidates on the basis of their annual merit. The Trust has reserve INR TWO CRORE to be distributed to the meritorious students of the Trust Institutions every year. The table below represents the detailed information about scholarship.

Marks for Scholarship


Obtain 86% or more marks in Exams

Rs. 86000

Obtain 85% or more marks but below 86% in Exams

Rs. 35,000

Obtain 80% or more marks but below 85% in Exam

Rs. 30,000

Obtain 75% or more marks but below 80% in Exams

Rs. 20,000

At the end of the course following medals are awarded based on the performance:

1. Gold Medal – Overall Topper of the batch.

2. Silver Medal – Overall Second Topper of the batch.

3. Bronze Medal – Overall Third Topper of the batch.

4. All Rounder Medal- Overall Best Performance.