Courses and Fees


SME’s MBA program has a unique combination of Technology and Management elements. In the first year, the cross-functional core curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of business and management, analytical, communication, and decision-making skills. The first-year core course offerings remain common across MBA-Technology and MBA degrees. By the end of the first year, students will be equipped to decide on the degree track and allied courses.

Student Intake:

The intake of the program is 80.

Note: Norms of the Ministry of Education, Government of India shall be adhered to for category-wise break up.

Fee Structure:

I semester INR. 2 Lakhs

II semester INR. 2 Lakhs

III semester INR. 2 Lakhs

IV semester INR. 2 Lakhs

Note: Hostel & Dining Fee will be charged separately from the students. In addition, institute overheads such as semester fee, etc. will also need to be the students. These components are additional to the program fee as mentioned above. 

Programs and Specialisations

The curriculum of the flagship two year MBA program leading to the MBA and the MBA-Technology degrees is structured as follows:

The 1st year involves foundational courses drawn from different perspective buckets as depicted below:

The 2nd year curriculum offers students choice between two tracks leading to either the MBA or the MBA Technology degree as follows:

 Track I – Leading to MBA Degree

Track II – Leading to MBA-Technology Degree

The Track I offers courses drawn from different area buckets as depicted below:

The Track II offers courses drawn from different tech buckets as depicted below:

Course name Duration Fees Exams Accepted
Master of Business Administration [MBA] 2 Years 8 Lakhs