Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati Scholarships

  Guwahati   UGC, AICTE   ESTD 1994
  Guwahati   UGC, AICTE   ESTD 1994


Institute Scholarships:

The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati awards scholarships to its under–graduate/ post-graduate students to promote and recognize academic excellence, and overall growth and development of meritorious students who
have passed their respective qualifying examinations.

Scholarships shall be awarded to undergraduate/post graduate students based on the recommendations of the scholarship committee of the institute following the norms laid down by the statutes of the institute and as directed by the IIT council from time to time.

Rules laid down by the senate will be used in deciding awardees.

Scholarships are liable to be withdrawn, partially or wholly, in case of misconduct, deliberate concealment of material facts and/or supply of false information.

Students leaving the Institute on their own accord without completing the programme of study may be required to refund the amount of scholarship received during that year.

During the tenure of the scholarship, the scholarship holder shall not ordinarily receive any other scholarship, stipend, financial assistance or remuneration etc., for any work except with the prior permission of the competent authority or as provided in the rules.

The students selected for scholarship shall not accept or hold any appointment, paid or otherwise, and will not receive any emoluments, salary, etc. from any other source during the tenure of scholarship.

The scholarship may be suspended or terminated at any time on the grounds of misconduct on the part of the student concerned or on continued absence for more than one month except on medical grounds.

The following Institute scholarships shall operate:

Institute Merit Scholarship (IMS):

IMS is available for
B.Tech./B.Des./M.Sc./M.A. students of the institute. The scholarship is meant for the year-wise class toppers of all the streams and is awarded from the second year. It includes tuition fee waiver and a fixed monthly stipend for eight months.

Institute Merit-cum-Means (McM) Scholarships:

Institute merit-cum-means scholarship is awarded to B.Tech./B.Des/M.Sc/MA students of the institute strictly on merit-cum-means basis to upto 25% of the non SC/ST students. It includes tuition fee waiver and a fixed monthly stipend for eight months.

SC-ST Scholarships:

Scholarship is awarded to all B.Tech./B.Des/M.Sc/MA students of the SC/ST categories. It includes a fixed monthly stipend for eight months, free messing (only for the basic menu) and hostel seat rent waiver.
Tuition fee is waived for all SC/ST students by the statutes.

Other Scholarships:

The institute allows students to avail scholarships awarded by external Govt/non-Govt. organizations (such as central sector scholarship schemes, scholarships form state Govts., scholarships from private trusts etc.), provided they do not come into conflict with any ordinance or rules of the institute.

The institute may accept donations from individuals and organizations to set up scholarships according to prescribed procedures if it is felt that they will promote academic activities in the institute and will lead to general growth of the institute. The norms and conditions for the institution of such scholarships shall require approval of
the Board of Governors.


Assistantships are given to all regular students (as defined by the ordinances on these programmes) in the M.Tech, M. Des, and PhD programmes as per norms laid down by the IIT council or the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India.