Himalayiya University, Dehradun Campus Facilities

  Dehradun   Private, UGC   ESTD 2019
  Dehradun   Private, UGC   ESTD 2019

Campus Facilities

Himalayiya University Dehradun Infrastructure 

Located amidst the tremendous valleys and arena of Dehradun, the Himalayiya University is surrounded by a mesmerizing terrain. The infrastructure of the campus has been designed to engage students in different activities while providing a unique learning experience surrounded by a supportive environment. The luscious greenery and soothing weather around the campus are much loved by every student who has been to the university.

 The university has been offering different courses and programmes, and therefore each department has been allotted a different block. Different departmental blocks along with the administrative section form some of the main infrastructure of the campus. However, there is anon-campus hospital, as well. The hospital is equipped with necessary equipment and assistance to provide immediate attention to students or faculties in the hour of need.

The university also has an in-campus hostel and accommodation facility for students coming from different cities of the country. Apart from this, the major attraction within the campus boundaries is the Herbal Garden with a wide variety of herbal flora.

The university also has laboratories for different departments along with a library. For outdoor activities and recreational time after the academic sessions, the students usually make use of the sports grounds and other sports facilities provided by the university. For hoteliers, a dining hall is also provided.