Himalayiya University, Dehradun Overview

  Dehradun   Private, UGC   ESTD 2019
  Dehradun   Private, UGC   ESTD 2019

About College

Himalayiya University has been providing a learning experience to students from different corners of the country. The sound location along with its massive support of industrial spheres and interface, has proved as one of the best platforms for students to polish their skills and bring the best to the table.

Located in the valleys of Dehradun, the university has today, has gathered the support of exceptional leaders along with industrial mentors and their guidance. The university is surrounded by Hardwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun and Mussoorie on all sides. Moreover, with a unique infrastructure, students have been provided with a comfortable yet unique lifestyle altogether.

Today, the university offers exceptional programmes in the field of management, science, arts, commerce, nature, and yoga. Their unique programmes and courses have caught the attention of several young professional aiming to develop a career in diverse sectors.

The university aims at developing a mutual ecosystem for research and academic excellence, thus, providing growth to different industrial sectors in the country. Moreover, the university has been empowering academic and industrial societies with professional support and guidance through a diverse course structure and curriculum deliverables. Developing a congenial environment for the betterment of students and young learners is a top priority of university authorities.

Key objectives and aims to support the greatest talents 

The key aim of the university is to support the local talents while opening career opportunities for them. Career stability holds the key importance for the university stakeholders, and therefore, the authorities work regularly to provide an exceptional experience for the students.

Some of the other major objectives of the university are mentioned below:

- To provide relevant exposure and knowledge spheres for the betterment of students

- To polish their skills with knowledge and learning streams, while making the students prepared for future competitions and challenges

- The university has developed a great industrial interface. One of the key aims is to promote the university through leading the industrial interface, providing sources of income, recognition, growth, and academic support.

- To bring advancement in different spheres of the industry, thus, bring necessary modification, support and streams for their betterment. The growing demand of the population requires exceptional solutions along with unique advancements.

- To engage in social programmes for the advancement of local societal sectors associated with the university.

- To modify the academic spheres as per the growing demands of the industries, while preparing students for a successful career.

- To develop critical thinking abilities in students for bringing creative ideas and innovation in relevant fields.

- To provide professional and technical experience to students with the support of eminent faculties and industrial mentors.

- To bring improvement in verbal competencies and to polish the analytical skills of the students

- To prepare future leaders for the forthcoming challenges and hurdles in the industrial fields.

- To create a congenial environment for further research and open the possibilities for further discoveries.

- The location of the university is a boon to many. Therefore, the university aims at initiating the studies on Indian Himalayan Region and its further branches like the spheres of biodiversity, culture, flora, fauna, ecology, knowledge, and traditional environments.

Partners and Leaders

The university has been under the active support and guidance of some of the notable personalities with good academic records. Furthermore, the university helps in providing support to the students in the academic sphere along with offering future opportunities. With the exceptional support of leaders and partners, the university has gained massive momentum in the previous years.

Several departments are constantly supported by respective industries and industrial mentors. Therefore, the students are provided unique opportunities to polish their skills and bring the best to the table.

Here is a glimpse at some of the leaders associated with the university. These leaders have been moulding and transforming the academic strategies and bringing positive changes within the campus boundaries in different sectors and spheres.

S No Name Designation Academic Qualifications
1. Dr Pradeep Bhardwaj Chancellor MD (Ay), IMS, BHU, PhD, CCIYP, ACMSTFC (FPAI), Mumbai
2. Dr Rakesh Kumar Shah Vice Chancellor Former IPS MSc, PhD, PGDCPM, ADST, DCA, DTP, DBM, MDHRM and HRD, AIFC
3. Dr Rajesh Naithani Pro Vice Chancellor PhD MBA (Stuart)
4. Dr Nishant Rai Jain Registrar MD (Ay), Swasthvritta and Yoga

Apart from great leaders, the university has an exceptional support of relevant industries. Some of their partners are mentioned below:

  • Avlon Academy
  • Resonance Energy
  • Himalayiya Ayurvedic (PG) Medical College