FORE School of Management (FSM), New Delhi Scholarships

  New Delhi   AICTE, NBA, AIU, SAQS   ESTD 1981
  New Delhi   AICTE, NBA, AIU, SAQS   ESTD 1981


FORE School of Management Scholarships:

Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme

  1. FORE School of Management provides financial aid in the form of “Means-cum-Merit Scholarship” as per the details given below to the students in the First Year and the Second Year of the PGDM (FMG), PGDM (IMG), PGDM (FM), and the PGDM (BDA) programmes of the Institute.
  2. The Scholarship:
  • The scholarship will be awarded to students who meet the “Means” and the “Merit” criteria as detailed hereinafter.
  • The scholarship support includes waiver of full tuition fee.
  • The scholarship is awarded for one academic year subject to conditions.
  • The awarded scholarship amount will be adjusted against the tuition fee due or paid separately. Wherever needed, scholarship amount will be calculated on the pro-rated Term Tuition fee.

2.2. Eligibility:

  • All students, except those who have taken admission under the “Company-Sponsored Category” in the PGDM Programme viz. FMG, IMG, FM and BDA are eligible for the award of Merit-cum-Means Scholarship.
  • A student must have scored a minimum CGPA of 6.50 on 10.00 scale until the last grade point declaration by the Institute.
  • The student’s aggregate family income* including self, should be less than Rs.8.00 lakhs per annum.
  • The applicant must not have secured “D” and “F” Grade in any course.
  • To continue to receive the scholarship, the awarded student must maintain a minimum CGPA of 6.50 on a scale of 10.00 (with no “D” and “F” Grade) in all academic terms.
  • There must not be any proven case of indiscipline and misconduct against the student. In case of any such act of proven indiscipline and misconduct against a student who has already been awarded the scholarship, the scholarship so awarded will be discontinued immediately.

*Family Income indicates the total income of parents and self. In case the student has a guardian (other than either of the parents) the total income of the guardian and self will be taken into consideration.

2.3. Criteria of Scholarship:

The Scholarship Committee will review all the applications of the eligible students seeking scholarship. All such eligible students will be called for a personal discussion before the Committee. Based on assessment made by the Committee, a final recommendation for the award of “Means-cum-Merit Scholarship” will be given by the Committee. In case of more number of applications received than the number of approved scholarships, the Scholarship Committee will prepare a rank of eligible students in order of “Means” and “Merit” and scholarships will be awarded to the students holding higher ranks.