FLAME University, Pune Scholarships

  Pune   AICTE, UGC, NBA, Private   ESTD 2007
  Pune   AICTE, UGC, NBA, Private   ESTD 2007


Scholarships and Need-based Support

In keeping with FLAME University’s avowed commitment to promoting academic excellence, and to correspondingly attract the brightest amongst the students seeking admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the University offers an array of merit scholarships and need-based financial support. This is designed to give students an opportunity to further their education at FLAME University. Most prominent amongst these scholarships and support avenues are the full scholarships (full fee waivers) which can be awarded to most outstanding students joining the University.

We, therefore, strongly encourage and recommend that you go through the details below to acquaint yourself with the avenues and opportunities of scholarships and financial aid available at FLAME University. These policies, as part of the University’s endeavor to advance scholarship, are introduced to enable you to pursue a rewarding and world-class education anchored in liberal education with additional opportunities for leadership, training and collaboration across fields.

Merit scholarships at the time of admission

We award a range of merit-based scholarships to the best performing candidates at the time of admissions. The scholarship may range from partial to full fee waivers. The final internal scores in the admission process is the primary consideration for scholarships. The amount of scholarship awarded to an individual applicant shall be informed in the admission offer letter.

FLAME Fellows Program*

The FLAME Fellows Program is a scholarship program for postgraduate students with CAT or XAT percentile above 90 percentile or GMAT scores of >650 along with a consistent academic record.

The scholarship awardees shall be known as FLAME Fellows, and will be eligible for 100% Tuition Fee Waiver.

20 scholarships will be given to deserving candidates for the postgraduate programs.

The selection process for this scholarship will be multi-level, including a written Essay, Video SOP and two rounds of interviews. The final selection will be done by a panel comprising of Board Members and Industry Professionals along with the Vice Chancellor and the Dean.

* Only for postgraduate students

Special scholarships through application

We award special scholarships for achievers or outstanding all round performers in diverse fields. You can be eligible to be considered for the scholarship, if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • State level, board level or national level rank holder in academics
  • FLAME Sports Scholarships for international/national/state level award winners provided the applicant has participated or is a rank holder under School Games Federation of India (SGFI) or has done the same representing any member association of The Indian Olympic Association (IOA). Only the sports recognized by the SGFI or IOA will be considered.
  • National/State level achievers in fields other than academics or sports

Supporting documents shall be required to be considered for this scholarship.

Emergency need-based support

Emergency need-based support may be provided to students who face a financial need caused by circumstances beyond their control. To be eligible for financial aid, there has to be a loss of funding resulting from a death, serious illness, or any other circumstance which makes it difficult for the student to generate funds on their own.

Supporting documents shall be required to be considered for need-based support.

On receiving the need-based support request, FLAME University’s admissions team will share a list of documents required for evaluation.

  1. Please ensure, all shared documents are legible and in PDF format.
  2. Incomplete submission of supporting documents will not be processed for further approval.

Merit scholarships for enrolled students

To encourage and reward exceptional academic performance, scholarships may be awarded to students who are pursuing a program at FLAME University, provided they fulfill the following conditions at the time of application for scholarship:

  • Rank in the top 5% in their respective batch.
  • Have a minimum CGPA of 8.50.

The list of meritorious students shall be prepared on the basis of annual academic performance at the end of every academic year and the eligible students, who are not on any other scholarship, shall be considered for the scholarship award for remaining term of the program.

Scholarship Conditions

  • Scholarships are awarded for the full duration of the program.
  • The Scholarship Committee will review the performance of the scholarship student every term. The continuation of the scholarship is contingent on students maintaining a CGPA of 7.50 (8.50 in case of scholarship awarded under clause ‘Merit scholarships for enrolled students’) or more in every semester of the program in which the student has enrolled. However, taking into account exceptional circumstances, if a scholarship student is not able to maintain a CGPA of 7.50 (8.50 in case of scholarship awarded under clause ‘Merit scholarships for enrolled students’) or more in two consecutive semesters, the scholarship award will be withdrawn for the rest of the duration of the program.
  • The selected scholarship student shall work on campus for a minimum of 12 hours per week for the terms in which the student receives the scholarship benefit.
  • The scholarship amount will not be paid to the selected student. It will be deducted from the term dues directly.
  • In case a scholarship student withdraws from the program, the student has to refund the scholarship amount that FLAME University has already disbursed.
  • The Scholarship Committee reviews the scholarships from time to time and reserves the right to alter, modify, change or withdraw any of the provisions and policies.
  • Should any of the information given by the scholarship recipient be found inaccurate or false at any time during the program, the scholarship award will be withdrawn and the recipient will either be charged full payment of fees immediately or will be dismissed from the program.

For queries, regarding scholarships and need-based support, please email admission@flame.edu.in. FLAME University’s Scholarship Committee will evaluate your application and make the final decision.