You all are lucky enough to have this beautiful life to live, to enjoy, and to create wonders by your imaginations and thoughts. You are not going to get this opportunity again, or atleast the probability of getting the privilege to live a human life again is very less. So,why not make it worthy and enjoy this privilege.

I think life is all about experiments in which you test everything starting from your choices, likes, tastes, feelings, imagination and even your thoughts. Life is not what your parents have given to you, its what you have given to yourself. If someone has achieved a lot of fame and success in his life, part of it can be credited to the failures that he has faced in his journey to success, and the way he fostered the learnings from those failures. You can dig out any example, and I assure you that you won’t find a single person who has succeeded without failures and bivouacs in his life. These difficulties are actually there to test your patience,your desires and your dedication towards your dreams.

We all know that there is no shortcut to success. Yet, most of us are in search of every possible shortcut to work because we believe that hard work and patience is a tedious route. If you work towards your passions, then the search for shortcuts is banal. So why not choose your path yourself, because it’s your choice and your dream and nobody else can know better than you about it. If you want to live your life to the fullest, then just listen to what your heart says. Every champion is an amateur in the beginning. Every one is born talented, some understand this and use it to the maximum, while others lack confidence to do what they dream of.

Life gives many opportunities to everyone, the difference lies in how effectively do we grab such opportunities. So have belief in yourself and explore everything that fascinates you in your life. Your job is simple. Find a dream and take a step towards it and face the challenges that come with it. If life would have been that easy, it would have lost its significance.

Explore life in your own unique and creative way, it has a lot of mystery yet to be solved. This is a jungle, in which you have to pave your own pathway, fighting against all odds. Let yourself be free in terms of choice and imagination, because  “ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA!!”

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