The events planned for the day include games such as musical chairs and blowing balloons, hair styling, mehandi competitions and many others. In addition, a health check-up camp has also been planned for the benefits of the ladies and children up to the age of five years. The events would be held in parallel in all the three villages in between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

“Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s lives, words, music, journeys and self-realizations, to gain confidence and self- esteem, and to advance passionate words into compassionate action that brings positive changes to our world.” says Nidhi Mehra, Yi Member, MICA net.

Set up in August 2007 as the second Net of Yi in Ahmedabad after the Indian Institute of Management, Yi, MICA Net was awarded the fifth best Yi Net amongst all Nets in India. Prior to Women’s day, Yi MICA was involved in holding children’s drawing competitions in schools on the occasion on Independence Day, a blood donation camp in association with Prathma Blood centre and a de-worming drive.

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