You’ll Never Walk Alone

I had this incident to share which actual makes me fell proud of been a merseysider red (Liverpool football club) supporter…

I was travelling in a local train from my home to my college when i happened to put my hand in my bag to pull out a pen…unfortunately in my bag, my razor blade had fallen open and my right hand finger happen to cut across the razor…I was know to be careless but this was utter careless and I even did forget my 1st aid kit at home…finger was bleeding profusely and there was no stopping the blood…i tried my best to reduce the flow but in vain…tied a handkerchief but still the blood was flowing on…strange to see people around not helping out…

14th Feb – The valentine’s day and god knows who was abusing me so much that i was bleeding for 5-10 mins…on the next station a guy happened to turn up to me, fortunately he had a cream and a medical tape…helped me for around 3-4 minutes and then got me dressed properly….

It was quite strange to see a person out of nowhere helping me out…curious to know I asked him who he was since he helped me without saying a word…His reply is something i would remember for a lifetime – “It was that hand with YNWA tattoo on it that was on my shoulder when I was alone and my mom needed helped at night 3 and said don’t worry, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’…We got over that scare together and my mom survived…Today the same hand was bleeding and it was my duty to be with it that time…Don’t worry bro, this ain’t any favor, from a fellow human to a human who lives by what’s written on his hand – In your times of need, I will ensure – YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE”…

[P.S. – 1stly my hand is safe and nothing has happened to it and secondly for the ones who don’t know, I have a YNWA tattoo on my right hand…]


Abhijeet (Gladi).

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