To a few it’s valentine;For a many it’s TGIF

SCENE 1: (Wednesday)

A: Oye Sun, tomorrow you need to come back home early from office. I need to buy a Valentine gift for her.

(An IT professional, indecisive about what to give as an ‘item without the expectation of payment’ to his beloved on the auspicious but prohibitive occasion of THE VALENTINE’S DAY)

B: Mere Bete, there is a lot your dad has in his life other than this trivial gift-hunt for your funtoo. He is snowed under with work that your grandfather(B’s Manager) has assigned to your dad and he wants it to get completed by Friday.

(Another IT person, A’s Room mate, status – single, has loads of ‘Action Items’ to complete by Friday)

A: Yaar, I understand…But still, I can’t do it on my own..It’s been more than 2 years I am in this relationship, and all the gifts I had given to her till date were chosen by you. Bhaiiiiii pleaseeeee..(One can easily sense the sense of urgency and consternation in the imploring ‘pukar‘)

(A lot of ribaldry continued and finally A’s pestering did the job for him. B agrees under the condition that he will be entitled with a Blenders Pride on the coming Friday)

SCENE 2:- (Thursday)

(Both of them went full steam ahead into the routine shops ranging from female accessories, female apparels to Archies and finally stopped the buck at a Coco Chanel’s outfit. In the mean time, embarrassment hugged them intermittently while conversing with saleswomen.)

B:(after 2.5 hours of successful ‘Rummage for gift’ spree , completely frustrated): I now see myself as ‘BEGANI SHAHDI MEIN ABDULLAH DEEWANA’.

A: (now relaxed and prepared for the V-day with the armor bought, walked tall) – haaaaaaah.. Thanks for your cooperation and time (sarcastically).

B: (exasperated) now don’t arse about etiquette. Just fulfill your part of the deal on Friday. That would suffice. And don’t you dare to make it Saturday because on Sunday I need to go to the office for completing the leftover task.

SCENE 3:- (Friday, A returns home at 11.30 P.M. after giving the ‘hard-earned’ gift)

B(expressionless and candid): Did she like it?

A(Bubbling over): Like it!!! She was on cloud nine the time she saw the gift (rather the tag ‘Chanel’ , I suppose). Launde , you can’t imagine the kind of treatment your dad got after that.. She called 12 times in the office with nothing but praises of affection, compassion and love to shower on me, we went to cafeteria thrice today , and watched ‘Gunday‘ 8 PM show, corner seat you know. Nothing less than a red-letter day.

B: hhhmmm. Daaru laya?

I don’t think I need to mention the reply ‘A’ gave. Those of my friends who think that the answer was an affirmative, they can watch Dhoom-3 for Uday Chopra. Hats-off to them.

Note: Usage of Hindi words in the text is the demand of the story.