You want to become a PM?

Hey Puys,

Interview date: 18th January

Slot: 10:30

Location: Bangalore

One Word Essay Topic: Facet

Interview Panel: Panel 1(2 Alums)


Q1: What do you do at work?

Talked about my current project. I am planning to pursue Product management post ISB.

Q2: What is your specific role?

Answered. (Drilled on this..I guess i answered everything okay)

Q3: You want to become a PM. What do PMs do?


Q4: Why do you need PGPM and why now?


Q5: Generally PMs work for 5 years then do MBA. Don’t you think you need more experience.

Answered that i felt i was ready. Mentoined that I had assumed few Business Decision making roles at work. (I was surprised at this Q as i felt they were indirectly telling me i needed more exp).

Then came the question that saw my downfall.

A Guesstimate ?

Q6: If I want to make a new online bus ticketing app, how many people do you estimate would use it for traveling in North India.

Tried to answer by talking about population of India. Estimated population of North India. Talked about number of Internet users and then number of users who travel frequently. Came up with a number somehow but was really confused throughout?

They said you missed x..y..z. I acknowledged and pointed out 1 more exception.

They said they were done.

Q7:Any questions for us?

Asked something i had prepared.

All in all if you remove the guesstimate i think it was okay but if i don’t get selected then it is definitely because of the guesstimate.

Now the wait begins.

All the best?