Is MBA the right tag?

Fellow aspirants, I recently had a chat with one of my college senior who is currently a student of MBE 1st year.

He said that the delay in the notification is because the department is unhappy with it being given the tag of MA while other courses like MIB and MHROD have been converted to MBA. While earlier MBE students could get MBA equivalency certificates, it won’t be possible from this year onwards. The students are also protesting internally. The department is trying hard to convince the university. And hence the notification will not be out until some conclusion can be reached. He added that from July 2014 onwards, Master of Business Economics has been renamed as MA (Business Economics).

Hence, I took the pain of researching this thing and came up with this:…

Go to page 50. It clears most things. The same document also approves the conversion of erstwhile MIB and MHROD into MBA. So it looks like my friend is spot on. All the best guys. Hope the notification is out soon.

PS: It is not my intention to bring negative publicity to any course/college. I am only sharing my conversation to help those who are still clueless so as to what happened to the notification. If anyone feels I should remove this post due to any xyz reason, then kindly comment below. Thanks.