XIME Bangalore
conducted its annual Management fest on the 6th and 7th of November, 2015.
Teams from B-Schools across Bangalore, and even Kochi participated, with much
enthusiasm. The events were based on specializations and core subjects.

POPULO – The HR Event
of XIMERA proved to be a gruelling competition among teams from 13 colleges. It
was a test of their HR knowledge, application of this knowledge, creativity,
presentation skills and stress handling ability, through a series of 6 rounds.
CMS Business School triumphed over the rest to secure the first position, with
Christ (Main Campus) coming in second.

INGENIUM – The Business
Quiz event of XIMERA 2015 was conducted on 7th November 2015. The event
witnessed participation from 8 best quizzing teams from various reputed
B-Schools in South India. The event started with teams sweating it out, trying
to crack the cleverly framed and extremely logical questions. The questions
were from various fields like marketing, operations, M&A, contemporary
business, advertising, to name a few. Five teams were shortlisted for the
finale. After 6 rounds of high voltage, nail-biting intense quizzing, the team
from IFIM B-School (Vishnu Aravind Pradip & Gourav Srivastav)
emerged as winners and the team from XIME Kochi (KN Harish &
C. Adithyan) bagged the Runner-Up title.

STAMENON Inspired from
the “Byzantine” civilisation, the Finance event of XIMERA 2015 was held on the
6th and 7th of November 2015. 14 teams from various B-Schools participated in
the event. The event consisted of five rounds out of which three were held on
Day 1 and the remaining followed on the Day 2. The inaugural event for Finance
started with ‘FINWIN’, the Finance Quiz where teams battled it out to reach one
step closer to becoming the “Financial Wizards”. Most of the rounds in the
event were nail-biting ones and it had an impact on the scorecard too as it
required rigorous application of concepts and theories learnt in our
Alma-Mater. The Winner of this intellectual event was the team from Christ
College -Main Campus(Vaddi Chaithanya Lakshmi Devi & Sanketh R)and the
Runner-Up was SIBM, Bangalore (Nainika Jain & Yashwanth Gudisa).

EMPORIOThe marketing event
for Ximera 2015 was inspired by the theme of Phoenician era. The event had
thirteen teams battling out the best of their talents in the 7 rounds spanning
across two days. Elimination was held after the 5th round after which the top 5
teams proceeded to the final two rounds at the end of which Team Issac from
XIME, Kochi and Team Mongol from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore were adjudged
the winners and runners-up respectively.

The rounds were based
on seven countries from the Phoenician era and the participants were considered
as traders trading through these countries during the course of the event.

The rounds included a
marketing quiz, a sales presentation on a contrasting brand and product, a
photo round based on a theme, and a multiplier round.

The overnight round
was based on the 4 P’s of marketing, and teams had to develop a completely new
futuristic non-existent product/service. The teams were also assigned roles as
representatives of the Phoenician countries, debating in front of the jury as
to how their respective countries had more prospective for investment and
trade. Emporio concluded with the final round ‘Hades’, in which the teams had
to justify how they would associate an infamous personality to a brand as the
brand ambassador.

CONSILIUM The Aztecs were
leaders in new product innovation. They are believed to have invented the
earliest forms of chocolate, popcorn, antispasmodic medication and many more.
Ximera’s Consilium invited participants to support the Aztecs by showing them
how a new product or service can be launched by creating a B-Plan. The event
was judged by Mr. Ankur Verma, Senior Manager-Venture Factory and Mr. Arpit,
Lead Associate-Venture Factory. The event had 2 rounds :

Round 1: Elevated

Round 2: B-Plan

Winner: Christ
University, Kengeri

flagship event of Ximera PRIMUS had an influence of the charismatic Roman
leaders. They were not only good at expansion and winning wars but their people
& wealth management skills were spot on! They led Rome as one of the
greatest civilizations in the world. With this theme the Best Manager event was
held as a two day event to choose the best leader an organisation can have. The
rounds on Day 1 included a management quiz, finance, marketing and operations

Participants were also
given some overnight tasks.

They were asked to
make a video of themselves showcasing why they must be chosen as the best
manager. Next, they were asked to make a business plan for a venture they
thought would be successful in ancient Rome as Roman civilization was the theme
of the event. Participants were asked to step into the shoes of the Roman
military chief and make an ad calling out for applications for the army.

Day 2 included rounds
like the Amazing Race, round based on Industrial Relations, justify the release
of a controversial ad, another HR based round, and a stress interview. The
final four participants were open to questions from a panel of 4 judges and
were subject to the stress interview in front of about 200 people. The
participants were judged on the basis of on feet thinking, creativity, out of
box thinking and confidence.


inter-collegiate management symposium, came to a close on 7th November 2015 and
was successful in triggering a fresh thought-process among the participants by
equipping them with skills to re-look at industry practices with innovative
ideas. With Core events, Specialization events and Niche events, the 2-day fest
ignited the spark in students, to initiate actions that would inspire the whole
world. The fest was a huge success, and was applauded for its ingenuity and

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