Every year a select few students get to travel to either Europe, China or Japan for a week-long exchange program. This is possible because of the tie-ups that XIME has with various universities outside our home country. The selection criteria, however depends upon several factors like availability of VISA, CGPA of the 1st term and so on. The main factor being the CGPA. It’s a jungle out there and the competition is just soaring.

Having said all that, it’s nice to be one of the many few to be visiting these countries not just for the fun of it, but to grasp several different aspects of the whole situation. The diversity along the very stretch of these countries keeps us wondering as to how they go on with their daily lives.

Now, I visited China and I must say, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I was an insomniac during the whole trip. The insomnia didn’t even hinder my ability to stay active. It was that aura that China gave out that made me want to live and breathe that daily routine.
It’s true that we went for the exchange program that lasted for almost a week.
We had a wonderful experience in Guangdong University and the exposure to their way of teaching was a plus point, I would say. The campus is huge with gamma rays of excitement and hunger for learning. It was a platform to interact with a lot of students and lecturers and form that business and personal network that every management student must possess. They arranged several industrial visits exclusively for us and introduced us to their work culture. Being one of the topmost manufacturers, it was a very informative experience. They were keen on collaborating with young, bright minds in any field, be it manufacturing, sales, logistics, etc. There was a lot to learn, but very less time.

Guangdong University

Let’s talk about the food and honestly it’s not all hunky dory for all the vegetarians out there. But it’s nice to try out new things, if you’re up to it. That’s all there is to say about it.



Studies aside, we also got a chance to take a trip around Mainland China and it was a blessing. The skyscrapers, the coordination and the subtle hint of development left us in awe. City after city, China never ceased to amaze us. It’s quite frugal and manageable in Mainland China, but once you enter Macau and Hong Kong, get set to empty your pockets because it’s freakishly expensive there. The Casino’s look like something out of a ‘Rush Hour’ movie and the sight is just baffling. Also it’s always compulsory to carry a valid ID (Passport for foreigners) for almost everything, from the stay to the casinos. The capital, Beijing was a vast area of historic significance and controversy. They have a lot of museums, artefacts, the summer palace to name a few. The Great Wall of China was exhausting but the climb was worth it. It almost brings out the warrior in you, surveying through that vastness.


The Grand Lisboa, Macau

To be honest, I never wanted to come back. I would’ve been the happiest person alive, if I got lost in the crowd, in the streets of Shanghai. But, duty calls and it’s of the utmost importance, not necessarily a happy feeling.


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