Wikipedia says the Indian Institute of Technology, Indore (IIT-I) has permanently closed. But can that be, considering that none of the IITs have ever closed to-date? 

See the image below-

The reality is that the institute has not closed but just moved to a different location, hence, technically it is not where Wikipedia said it was earlier.

The new address is Simrol, on Khandwa Road about 25 km away from Indore city. According to Prof Neelesh Jain, Dean of Academic Affairs, IIT- I, all major work has shifted to the new campus: “We have shifted all the classes and  labs to our permanent campus in Simrol.”

IIT- I was founded in 2009 and since then, operating from two temporary campuses (at IET-DAVV and PACL) which are approximately 16 kilometres away from each other. 

When asked why Wikipedia announced that IIT-I had closed, Jain laughed and remarked that it  should have read as –  Temporary Campus Permanently Closed.

 IIT- I’s construction in the new campus  has been divided in to three phases and so far only the first phase has been completed. The remaining two are expected to finish by 2017.

With regards to hostel facilities, students are awaiting to see what a hostel will feel like at Simrol. But for that, they will have to wait for another four months as the hostels and mess will be completed in May 2016.

Check the error shown in Wikipedia in the image below-

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