IIT Roorkee (IIT-R) has beefed up campus security post the arrest of two alleged terrorist from Haridwar. The Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) of the Uttarakhand Police, and a Quick Response Team (QRT) of the East Bengal Tiger Cantonment, stationed at Roorkee, are now involved in reviewing the security of the institute. But, despite these measures, two thefts have been reported by the students to the security office at IIT-R.

The first incident was that of a stolen cycle reported by a PhD student while he was on leave, away from the campus. He alleged that his bi-cycle, which was locked and parked, was stolen from the parking lot inside campus. The student was then asked to submit a written complaint to the security office for the matter to be investigated further. “It’s been more than two weeks since the theft and the matter is still under investigation.” said the exasperated student. 

The second incident was when the students claimed that a person had entered the hostel rooms and was found stealing clothes during broad day light. He was then handed over to the security officer on duty. Students allege that the person was an outsider as he had no identity card on him. The security office of IITR has not confirmed his identity to PaGaLGuY.

Despite the police being involved in reviewing the security of the campus, no police complaint was filed in either of the incidents. Prof. Dinesh Kumar Naurial, Dean of Students Affairs, said, “These incidents are not that major to involve the police. If in future the need arises, we will consider taking help from the local police as well. Although, we have asked the security guards to conduct a physical frisking of anyone who enters the hostel without identity cards.”

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