Why we should be happy with the election results

First of all the things I would like to congratulate one & all for this show of democratic strength. This election result certainly has many learnings to be taken from it. The decisive national mood. The support for change of national guard. The need to throw away the pseudo secularism clout and vote to build a nation was just witnessed as the results reflected.

It’s a wakeup call for all the politicians that no longer can the people be fooled ( :no: no ullu banaying :no: ) with just empty vows & false promises. If you perform you are here to stay. We will re-elect you, otherwise pack your bags. We will not bear complacency on your part. The numerous so called political stalwarts who lost in this election are a proof that.

The most amazing thing which I see in this result is that people rose above caste, creed & religion to vote for their Nation. Gone are the days when people used to vote for these things. The astounding number of seats which BJP has secured shows that it is not coming from one side only. The wave is there from all fronts. The people of India have voted for a better developed nation in the coming years rather than sticking to the old age haggles. This change is highly positive & I am very enthusiastic about the prospects of national development. The clout of pseudo secularism & cast which had been helping many candidates secure seats has been torn apart now. Sabko Saath & Sabka Vikas motto will be realised.

I believe we now have a leader who is not remote controlled and trained to deliver what is commanded by someone, instead what we now have is a leader who places the welfare of nation above all the things. The leader who can make tough but necessary decisions which result in growing India’s overall influence in the world. We are lucky we have one at the helm now.

The youth have played a major role in this election. This election had the largest no of young voters in free India. The selfies with ink marked index finger which you can find on Facebook since the elections started show us a glimpse of how much youth has been enthusiastic about voting in this election. This resulted in a focus to the current issues which the new generation faces.

I would very much like to thank AAP for making the people of India realise that they can go beyond the already established norms and vote for better India. Had the Delhi elections not shown this to the people I would still doubt the current result was impossible.

Finally hoping that this election results serve as a model for future elections.