Why MBA in International Business

Worldwide changes in the political and economic framework such as globalization and internationalization of markets, rules and regulations in export and import, relocation and spin-offs have increased the demand by companies for highly qualified graduates with an understanding in international affairs to confront the running issues of the nations.

Today business is no longer confined within small boundaries but it entirely depends on the imagination of a person and his strong will to stretch it to the farthest. This requires awareness, understanding and immense knowledge to tackle the global issues and merge out as the strongest. Hence there are certain tools and methods which an MBA in International business offers to help one in becoming a successful businessman/entrepreneur.

International business imparts in a person the knowledge of worldwide accepted new techniques, operative strategies, internationally accepted rules and regulations, quantitative techniques, global finance, marketing and human resources. It also equips a person with the holistic approach towards being successful in the same.

An MBA in International business prepares students all over the world to excel in their chosen fields which are characterised by a thoughtfully designed course structure, coupled with the opportunities to acquire and apply practical professional skills. Thus the students emerge as leaders, efficient in bridging the organizational, cultural and linguistic barriers amongst people, amongst nations by providing sustainable solutions to a variety of global challenges.

Special focus is given to see that the students gain the expertise to think critically and analyse objectively.

The students gain the following benefits from an MBA in international Business:

1. A hands-on approach to deal with international affairs

2. Practical experiences of industrial leaders

3. Guest lectures by experienced practitioners

4. A balance of theoretical and practical knowledge

5. Entrepreneurship skills

6. Intensive use of case studies and project work.

7. Seminars in international strategic aspects

8. International strategic management in all aspects

9. Thorough understanding of global political, social and economic issues

10. Research and practical implementation

Besides this the person gets to work with the best of industrialists and professionals and acquires the learning of a lifetime. He also gets the opportunity to engage in a lot of activities which enhances his teamwork capabilities, communication skills, leadership qualities etc. At the end of the day it’s a holistic learning that enables him to adapt himself to the diverse and varied forms of the global market.

Contribution by Rusha Saha, MBA International Business Batch: 2013-15. email: [email protected]