Why MBA?

MBA, i heard it for the first time when i was in 3rd standard. Then i used to think that it could only be done by super scholars as i was not much interested in studies and used to spend most of my times playing cricket or video games or watching cartoons.

As the time passed i started taking more interest in my studies and moved from an average guy to as some say it a scholar. Till the completion of my graduation my path was fixed as 1oth , 12th in science and Engineering in Mechanical. By the end of 4th semester during graduation i started thinking for PG and to realize my childhood dream i started preparing for MBA. During 5th semester i along with my 3 other friends had joined a coaching class for CAT preparation.

MBA provides a dynamic factor to one’s career by imparting key skills required by a student/professional to climb up the managerial Ladder. It make a person more competent and ready to take up the responsibility right after the completion of the course.

A degree in MBA opens up a vast opportunity for a professional by equipping the person with those skills which are desirable from a managerial level professional.Besides all these another factor which drives a person to pursue an MBA is the Pay package. If an MBA is completed from a Premier B-School the chance of getting an average yearly compensation is around 10 Lakh Rupees which is really good to start one’s career with.

Moreover it provides the opportunity to grow fast and far in the career, thus selecting a stream that suits one’s skill, intellect and ability is a key decision which sets the tone for an MBA aspirant.Overall MBA puts you in a complete different zone of profession and take you to another level. Its one of the most Lucrative career preference for the ones who has right aptitude and desire to work as a Manager.