The Wolf of Dalal Street

‘The Wolf of Dalal Street Challenge’

Are you the wolf amongst financial lambs?

The Wolf of Dalal Street Challenge‘ is a Stock Market Challenge Game, powered by Dalal Street Investment Journal, India’s No 1 investment magazine, aiming to find the best financial analytical mind amongst 2014 MBA aspirants.

The Challenge is an online simulation trading game where you create and manage your own portfolio to compete with other players in a risk-free environment. Whether you’re new to the stock markets or an experienced investor, this is a powerful tool for building skill, evaluating and tuning your strategy, and gaining important investing experience (other than the cool rewards and prizes you will be reaping). Every challenger will be assigned Rs 10, 00,000 play money in the beginning. The objective is to maximize this amount by smart and intelligent investing.

So, rack up your grey cells and hone your trading skills (and knowledge) on the platform which is based on the environment Sensex runs on.

The Environment

The challenge completely mirrors the real trading as it happens in Bombay STock Exchange (BSE). The practical issues faced when a stock hits a circuit (trading stops at this point) or the illiquidity of a stock etc are all captured and simulated to ensure a realistic experience of the markets. The Corporate Benefits as in Dividend, Bonus, Split, Mergers, De-Mergers etc are all considered and applied.

The Game

Registration You need to register in order to play. Please register by choosing a username and providing your PagalGuy ID and

other relevant details.

Challenge Duration The Challenge starts the moment you register for the game. The Challenge will run for a month starting from 24 January, 2014 to 27 February, 2014

Exchanges and Prices

Trading is with respect to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Trading Hours

You can execute (trade) your orders from 9:15 AM IST to 3:30 PM IST (market hours). All order placed after market hours will be attempted for transaction on the next day the market is open.

Opening Balance

You start with an opening balance of INR 10, 00,000 (INR Ten Lakhs) of virtual cash in your account.


Your portfolio will be ranked against others. Ranking is considered only for players who have transacted a stock at least once. Ranking calculation takes place every hour during market hours.

Ranking is based on highest percentage change in the portfolio value for the period in question. You will be ranked for the day, week and Winner of the Challenge (From Start till Date).

Orders / Transaction

If you buy or sell a stock, it is called ‘transaction’. If you make a trade during market hours, your order will be confirmed 5-7 minutes after your order has been placed.

There are 2 ways of placing an order. One is ‘Market’, choose ‘Market’ as option under ‘Order’ field, your order will be executed at CMP (Current market price of the stock).

You can also choose your own limit. i.e. suppose you want to buy stock X at a particular price-point Y (this Y may be the recommended price for the stock or the lowest price you may think stock will go for that day). You need to choose ‘Limit’ option under ‘Order’ field and specify the amount you want to trade for.

How to play

Rules of the Game


Motivators – Prizes

The Wolf of Dalal Street Challenge Prizes

First Prize

Cash Prize worth Rs.5000 + Stipend worth INR 4.75 lacs from Dalal Street Investment Journal while pursuing MBA @IFIM + One year subscription of DSIJ Pro (DSIJ Magazine, Flash News Investment Newsletter, Intraday alerts, Technical Advisory Services, Portfolio Advisory Services and DSIJ Academy Course content) worth INR 3,370 + Certificate of Excellence + Job Offer from DSIJ

Second Prize

Cash Prize worth Rs.3000 + Stipend worth INR 2.85 lacs from Dalal Street Investment Journal while pursuing MBA @IFIM + One year subscription of DSIJ Pro (Same as above) + Certificate of Excellence + Job Offer from DSIJ

Consolation Prize – 20

Stipend worth INR 1 Lac from Get Ahead Education Ltd while pursuing MBA @ IFIM, Bangalore + One year subscription of DSIJ Pro (Same as above) + Certificate of Excellence

Weekly PRIZE – 3

Three winners will be chosen per week. Each winner will get books on financial markets from DSIJ.

The Contest is Closed Now. To View the Winners, CLICK HERE

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