Why Marriage is Not for You?

Marriage is basically countdown to divorce just that one of them die first

I love to read guys’ posts denouncing their own marriage:

Another one bites the dust!

One more wicket down!

Join me for my last party!

Followed by the comments made by informed, selfless & loving FB friends:

Always great to see more people joining the monthly cribbing club

Bhai, ek baar Bangkok to ho aata

Almost unbelievable how every guy about to get married communicates it like he is losing his manhood, not literally of course. As if somewhere inside, he sacrificed a part of himself to accept his mothers’ only life goal. He seems to completely understand how its only downhill from here with a bunch of small compromises like his Dreams, are in store for him.

Its a paradox because we are a generation who don’t even buy a mobile phone before reading a million positive reviews leave aside a decision as huge as Marriage. For Marriage, we should ideally be going nuts on streets running out of positive reviews every sec, but all we get to see on streets are dumb Victoria horses.

Imagine, if Marriage was a product listed on Flipkart. First up, Never out of stock. On a scale of 1-5, it will have a rating of ‘-1’. Reviews will be worse than any Ram Gopal Verma movie. Only some mandir ke pandits masquerading as happily married guys, will be found spamming positive reviews to save the sacred institution. Married guys will re-visit every week with their fight scenes, followed by innumerable up-votes by single dudes who are apparently getting laid every day.

Where is this institution headed then? I do not know, but what is known is that divorce rates have majorly gone up in past decade.

Post separation, we do not see much difference. We see divorced men nonchalantly project it as a happy moment of re-claiming their life, their freedom. Even his friends totally support the idea as suggested by messages on his FB wall:

Dude, There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Cheers to the revival of late night beer parties and driving mad around India Gate like that’s what Gandhi fought for!

Call it the culture-less western culture, but we are a generation who breathe on cigarettes & individualism. Marriage is about everything but that. We are not so enthralled by ideas like “Hard work today for results tom“, i.e so 1990s. Our GrandPa followed such thoughts, & how can they be right about anything. We expect instant results so that we can instantly post it on social networks for instant recognition of the work hard-ly done!

What does it all mean? Should we all stop getting married and focus on stuff like “Things to do before we turn 30?” & “100 must visit places before we die?”

HIT IT BOYS, but give a little while to understand what you will be leaving behind.

I hate preaching, & I know your crazy smart god level knowledge ass never hear, but some of it is called for.

Just glance back at the messages posted at all events related to marriage, none of it is an outcome of being selfless, honest & caring. That sounds so boring, right? you jack of all trades, cool funny t-shirt 20’s something dude!

Marriage is NOT for You

And when I say,-” Its not for you”, I mean – Its for your partner, and the same applies to her. That’s how this boat rides the ocean & survive its inevitable storms.

You work to make each other happy. You get roses for her, she lets you sleep with your shoes on. Getting the drift? You help her out in the kitchen, she lets you follow your wild selfish dreams. Its like you have outsourced your happiness to your partner, and taken her happiness project upon yourself.

When you achieve it which obviously takes a while, its way better than working on your own happiness all the time. Remember the fun in giving to others, while others are working for you, its a bliss.

Next time you hear, – “Dude, if I can’t do what I want to do, why the hell should I get married?”

You can. But there is too much “I” in your fuc*ing head. Change it to “We” first. Get out of your narcissistic self a tad bit before taking this plunge.

Too much work for you? Go cover 100 must visit places before you die man, Marriage is not for you.

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