Let Her Free..


The cover pic of this article corresponds to another similar account, the link to which I’ve cited above. Do visit the link to experience this lady’s trauma.

This is with reference to the sorry state of ‘our’ mind which considers our female counterparts to be an object ,whose sole purpose on this earth appears to fall prey to the devils in this YUG.

A good looking girl in decent clothes (Indian Attire) walking down a crowded street is stared by the lechers of almost all age groups. In order to experience the feeling such a girl goes through ,one has to be exactly in her shoes. I was just a few steps behind on my way to home (in official attire). I could sense the dread ,when those retards stared at her again & again until they disappeared in the crowd.

She was not afraid ,but it dawned upon her that someone is following her. Thanks to the company’s uniform she was quite relieved to see me,returning from the routine office work.

There have been innumerable instances that I’ve encountered since I’ve come to this place. I’ve decided to give some space to such people.

These are the untrained inhumane , cannibalic creatures who are devoid of the basic know-how of morality in character.

– To those who advocate that girls must not wear western outfits, I say come to this urban part of India. Here the lechers hardly care what a girl wears.

– To those who say why do then girls wear all the make-up if they don’t want to be looked at, I say use a fraction of your brain & you would realise, no girl (or any normal human being) would mind a glance that suggests an appreciative gesture ,but that is not what we do. We Stare – & we stare as if staring gives us a conviction that Yes, we’ve the Manly force within us.

– To those who clamour about Gujarat’s development model, I say that no force can hinder its growth, because of the ban on liquor in state (apart from other reasons too). Of course there might be the black marketeers, but you won’t find sick people wandering on streets in an inebriated state. Lesser the number of such animals, lesser would be anti- women activities.

2 years ago when a girl suffered brutally at the hands of few of us, I had taken a silence vow. I’m pleased to realise that I’ve well followed it. For our nation to tread that path of development , we have to ensure we fulfill the basic requirement of morality towards every human being. Only a strong basic education system can cure us of our sickness. I really hope that our Right to Education sees the light of the day to a great extent & we be remedied of our immorality.