Why i wanted a MBA degree?

After i completed class 12 I had no idea what course to take so I decided to take up engineering and I got civil engineering because of my rank in AIEEE. During my graduation days I wanted to grab a job and be self dependent. I got a job and when I started working in a design firm and learnt several technological and technical aspects of my job I realized I needed to have managerial skills too. Technical skills is just like passport. Having a passport doesn’t guarantee that one is going abroad. I realized proper managerial skills made a difference between a good boss and a messed up one. Proper managerial skills is quite required to take care of a company keeping the employees and the clients satisfied. It was then i decided I had to take up a course in business administration and MBA was the solution. So i wanted to deal with the latest issues, apply the newest management techniques and just constantly challenge myself, my practices and my approaches. And that will continue after graduation as well, as an MBA also provides me with the channels that will keep this challenge alive and push me to continuously improve.