Where…? i can live alive

Walking under the grisly skyscrapers of hardship

and surrounded by the edifice of blue devils

were my melancholic emotions

Somewhere forlorn and defeat were at their own high cost,

where i was restricted as maudlin persons already paid the bribe for it

because being a middle-class person with the deficit of grief

i was kept waiting for,

the harsh latitude that i was provided with

was of second rate where i was not interested to live in

The meadow of thorns and the sculptures of pain

where the flower of happiness got withered by the winds of dolor

this is one of the rare wonder which i had never seen

The silhouette of my callous soul

and the solidly coloured inside with black and white

i am just a marionette wrapped under one clothe

having one or two colour of life on my dress

and the threads of kismet and luck are under control of fortune

i am not supposed to do what i want

i was seized under the hands of misfortune

Do you think i am still alive………