What you want? Happy or meaningful Life

Today I have read a revealing article which differentiated happy and meaningful life.Happiness and meaningfulness frequently overlap. Perhaps some degree of meaning is a prerequisite for happiness, a necessary but insufficient condition.Happiness is not the same as a sense of meaning.

Money, respect, position, security etc. brings meaning to your life but it does not necessarily brings happiness in your life. Where as happiness has more to deal with peace of mind, fulfillment of desires,good physical and mental health, having time for loved ones and many other things that make our life a pleasurable experience.Actually we all want to be happy in life but we all end up adding only meaning in life.

Like all CAT aspirants I also want to do MBA just to earn salary in 6 digits and a good life style.Yes doing MBA from some prestigious college will definitely add meaning to my life. But does it will make my life happy. This requires an introspection.

For me happiness is a fleeting thing, it’s hard to actually define it. May be it’s just a state of mind. So I say why to indulge in all this philosophical quests, leave this task for philosophers to deal with. Why not to just work on adding some extra meaning in my life and to enjoy the share of happiness it brings. After all it’s rightly said that, it’s good to cry in a Rolls-Royce than in a Tata Nano.