When will India grow up?

I regret not joining politics everyday. This is the best field of work, period!

You scam all the money you want, you put your foot in your mouth and say what you want, you abuse anyone you want, you dig up built roads and start building new roads and then leave all of them midway just for some sadistic fun!

Who can ask for a better life?

India is like an infinite volumed sponge! We absorb and absorb and absorb all the crap. Sometimes we let out small droplets of anger and protests but eventually we get back to our job of absorbing the political bullshit.

Just read the thoughtful comments of some of our nation’s leaders in the image above.

Now instead of throwing these illiterates out of the office, or even filing a case on them for hate speech (or at least idiotic speech), India is more focused on filing a case against one Mr. K.C. Bokadia because apparently using saffron, white and green in a dress, is a far more pressing issue which needs immediate action!

Of course, who cares if someone is degrading women, our national flag should be defended first. Isn’t that right?

Nowadays, the worst part of my routine is reading the newspaper. I just cringe while going through the pages. How are these people allowed to say what they want and then allowed to do what they want.

When will India’s volume fill up to the brim and a nation we can be proud of, rise? I’m always left moaning about the situation, which is why I’d love to hear solutions which everyday people like me can follow instead of just raising eyebrows!!