When the night falls….

The silence of night, its bliss for some people, an escape from the entire day’s stress and exhaustation .They want to live every moment of that peaceful silence, loosening up their mind and thoughts. Some fear it, mostly because of the darkness around. The silence makes them anxious, nervous and daunts them. Some vent out their emotions during such times, the loneliness around, makes them feel comfortable in expressing their true self. So some cry, remembering old deep sorrows, some smile, suddenly thinking about long lost happy memories, some try to suppress their hidden feelings and practice to pretend, the way they always do, and, some even dance in joy. One night, so many forms. Just the person and the perception matters. There are stars shinning for everyone. Some see the light, just like a flash of hope in utter darkness,as if for their rescue, for others it’s just another faint light which will eventually fade. It’s meant to be the same for everyone, yet it differs.